New Evidence for the Lion and the Lamb Mandela Effect

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I MUST be a glutton for punishment. Because the Bible used to say lion and the lamb, and I was one of those individuals who went around telling the Christian community about it. The subject is even something I covered in an article way back in the day only to junk it in the wastebasket—a decision I have long regretted. That was the spring of 2017, the first quarter of Trump’s administration. Today’s date is 3/7/2023. A whopping six years have passed and I’m just now getting back around to telling you about it. Like NASA and the moon landing, the process has been too painful to build up again. You’re probably wondering why I committed the deed in the first place. The wastebasket story. Or maybe you’re not in the slightly bit interested. I’ll tell you anyways. You can read the latest update to my Mandela Effect report in the PDF below.

PDF [Update]: The Mandela Effect

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