Mud Fossils: The Mountains Be Titans

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WE all know the Titans were the children of the Watchers and that they were killed off at one time or another, but I finally know how it happened. They were turned to stone. No duh, you tell me. That much is obvious with the mud fossil research. What I should have said then is that I was combing through an ancient document the other day which stated the very thing. No, I won’t tell you which one. You will have to read my Mud Fossil paper for yourself. I think it will be worth your time. Three mud fossil additions in one week should tell you this sort of research creates a snowball to avelanche effect. The surprising revelation in all of this (or perhaps not so surprising) is that the ancients all seemed to know they were standing upon the petrified carcasses of giants. It is we who are the ignorant ones. And so, here is the humerous part. That the administrators of Science would dare to tell us we know more about the ancient people’s than they knew of themselves. You can read the updated report below. 

PDF [UPDATE]: Mud Fossils: The Titans

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