Mud Fossils: The Dragon of North Africa

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MY original intent was to include this as part of my Genesis Reset investigation. It’s the idea that Genesis 1:1 was in actuality a recreation event rather than the first go-around. But then evidence involving a dragon of the fire breathing variety came along, and I figured the topic of mud fossils might be better served as a spin off. Some of you may be wondering what a mud fossil is. You’ve come to the right place, I think. The theory holds that rock formations and mountains resembling creatures of a larger-than-life scale may in fact have been living creatures at one time. And we’re talking behemoth creatures, many of which could destroy an entire city with a few stomps of its foot. Some even larger still.

The thing about mud fossils is that they don’t simply tell us about one epoch of His-Story. Young earth creationists will attempt to explain that fossils and all other abnormalities in the geological record derive from one single event. Namely, Noach’s flood. But I’ve seen too much and read too much on my own to fall into that position again. What mud fossils actually manage to do is give us a glance into several different potential epochs, some well beyond the 7,000-year timeline in Scripture.

The War of the Titans went down before the creation of the modern world, according to source material. Many claim the Watchers incursion in Chanok is describing the same event. That may be. I don’t really know as I wasn’t there. If you recall, the Watchers were forced to watch their giant children kill each other off in combat. Sounds similar. Then again, it may very well be a repeated event. Either way, the slaughter of giants was an instance in His-Story which happened centuries before Noach’s flood. Those mud fossils can be found. The point to all of this is that you can’t explain away every abnormality in the geological record with Noach’s flood.

You can read the full report regarding the dragon below. There have been others who’ve covered the North African mud fossil before, but I think you will be pleasantly surprised this time around. I’ve discovered some new information in an ancient text which describes precisely how it got there. 

PDF: Mud Fossils: The Dragon of North Africa

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