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THE STORY we are given is that James Frazier Reed quarreled with teamster John Snyder somewhere along the Humboldt River after Snyder began beating his oxen with a whip handle. The days were hot, tempers short, and winter was soon upon them. It was October 6, 1846. When Reed intervened, Snyder slashed him across the forehead with the butt of his whip. Reed drew a knife. Within half an hour, perhaps even fifteen minutes, the young man was dead. Most members of the Donner-Reed Party had become so vehemently opposed to their co-founder that they proposed a death by hanging. Lewis Keseberg offered his own wagon as a hanging plank. Reed’s wife, Margret, pleaded that they let her husband live. The Donner’s finally agreed to banish him. James Reed initially refused but eventually rode ahead, some four-hundred miles over the Sierra Nevada’s, seeking supplies. The rest is history.

We then find Reed emerging at Sutter’s Fort, Sacramento, on October 26, some three weeks later, and just ahead of the snow. We are told he pleaded with Colonel John C. Fremont for men, in order to form a search party, but Fremont’s personnel were occupied at that precise moment conquering Santa Barbara. Because a war was currently being waged. History books want you disconnected from the fact that the Donner-Reed Party started in the direction of a war zone in a foreign country, currently occupied by another occupier; battle-lines which spanned hundreds and thousands of miles. The Mexican-American War began on April 25, 1846. The Donner Party did not set out from Independence, Missouri, until May 12.

Before moving forward, I highly suggest you read my paper, I Do Not Believe in the 1849 California Gold Rush, or else you may be completely lost here. The establishment of California, even from the propaganda standpoint of official history, cannot hide the fact that it was a Mormon and Mason and Military operation. The Donner Party was likewise no exception to the rule. Mormons and Masons filled their ranks. Also, American royalty. In my last paper, The Donner Party Is Keeping It All In the Family, I decided to look into the genealogy of Lansford Hastings, the man who was handing out pamphlets in the desert, and wasn’t disappointed. Hastings is a spook. But not just any spook. Hastings derives from the royal house of Hastings, and even more importantly, the Earl of Huntington’s. We’re talking one long, seemingly endless line of royal spooks.

After taking Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride through the Earl of Huntington dynasty, I decided to turn my attention upon James Frazier Reed, co-founder of the Donner-Reed hoax.


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James and Margret Reed


James Frazier Reed was born on November 14, 1800 in County Armagh, Ireland. His family lineage is scrubbed. Regardless, here’s something I noticed along the way. Reed was a Freemason. But not just any Freemason. Freemasons love to point out that James Frazier Reed was a Freemason. Wink-wink. In other words, Freemasons are proud of his work. This may simply be because he successfully pulled off the Donner-Reed hoax, or because his claims are not without merit. Reed personally made it known that he was of noble Polish extraction, Reednoski being his original family name. His own self-promotion among fellow Masons reminded me of Artie Kornfeld, co-founder of the Woodstock Music Festival in 1969, who referred to himself as a Kohain. You can read that report here. Woodstock.  I spent some time looking into Reed’s wink-wink claims but all my efforts hit speed bumps or pot holes, and eventually fell to the roadside, partly because Polish nobility is not something I am familiar with. The most I was able to glean, officially, was that his family chose exile rather than life under the rule of the Czar of Russia. In a world where nothing is as it seems, take that at face value. Moving on.

Notice the “Frazier” in his name. His father’s name was Frazier Reed, but oddly enough, his mother was a Frazier. Huh…? It is assumed that his mother and father were related, but personally, I can’t help but wonder if his father is a ghost. Anyhow, the Clan Frazier began in Scotland when Simon Fraser arrived from French Normandy in about 1160. Some five generations later, another Simon Fraser volleyed back and forth fighting for Robert the Bruce and then for Edward I of England, fighting against William Wallace and then fighting alongside William Wallace again. Agent. Double-agent. Triple-agent? You tell me. In this manner, his land was snatched and then returned to him, rinse and repeat, until it was finally destroyed and he was executed shortly after Wallace in 1306. Both heads ended up on a pole on the Tower Bridge. Simon’s cousin was Alexander Fraser of Cowie, Bruce’s personal chamberlain. Alexander Fraser married Bruce’s sister Mary. His younger brother was another Sir Simon Fraser, from whom the chiefs of the Clan Fraser of Lovat are descended. So, the Fraser’s became a Bruce. Robert the Bruce played a crucial role in the Knights Templar Friday the 13th hoax, which you can read about here. The Last Templar. Oh, the tangled webs we weave.

Historians all seem to agree that James Frazier Reed arrived in America with his pockets filled. Reed was well financed. And as late as the spring of 1846, we find Reed in correspondence with another Frazier. A certain William Frazier (1812-1885), the son of Irish immigrant James Anderson Frazier (1780-1846) and Martha Rankin (1790-1869). At the time, William Frazier was in the Virginia State Legislator.

On James Frazier Reed’s Wiki page, Wikipedia points out that Reed and Abraham Lincoln served together in the Black Hawk War of 1832. Small world. Stephen A. Douglas was a member of his lodge. Wink-wink. We are also told and expected to believe that agent Reed was ill-prepared to deal with the “hostile Indians” on his journey, despite being a war veteran, but more on that in a moment. One of Reed’s chief sources was Freemason James M. Maxey, who ran a supply and “intel” store in Independence, Missouri. Independence was the eastern Terminal for Santa Fe and Oregon Trail departures. Together they poured over maps of John C. Fremont’s recent government sponsored 1842 and 1843 expeditions, which had only recently been published by Congress, and with much fanfare, in 1845. Mm-hmm, this is the same Fremont whom Reed met up with at Sutter’s Fort. In 1856, Fremont would become the first Republican candidate for U.S. President. Again, small world. Reed then spent the rest of his winter in San Jose, just south of San Francisco. Though we are told he was attempting to spread stories as to the Donner Party’s dreadful condition, and I have no reason to doubt that, I find it curious that Reed later attempted to make San Jose the capital of the new California state.

Apparently, in 1843, John C. Fremont experienced a winter of such deep snow along the Truckee River that he and his men resorted to eating mule and dog for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Nobody died. Except for the dogs. Thomas Hart Benton (March 14, 1782 – April 10, 1858) was a United States Senator from Missouri and a Freemason. Benton and Reed were both highly respected and ranked. They more than likely corresponded. Several years earlier, Benton invited John C. Fremont to his Washington home. It is there where Fremont met Benton’s 16-year-old daughter, Jessie Benton. The two eloped. Though Benton was reportedly furious at their marriage, he ultimately became Fremont’s financier. This is important to the California narrative, since Benton was a powerful chairman of the Senate Committee on Military Affairs. Manifest Destiny. The Mormon exodus. The Alamo false flag event. The Mexican-American War. The Donner-Reed Party hoax. The Gold Rush hoax. California and the inherited city of San Francisco. The Smithsonian. Everything and everyone is connected.




Reed’s altercation with Snyder was first chronicled in 1849 by a man named Jesse Quinn Thornton. The title of his book was Oregon and California in 1848, and he probably had good reason for writing about it. Though Thornton had initially started out in Independence, Missouri with members of the Donner-Reed Party, his wagon train did not follow the strange and obscure post-it notes left behind in the desert by a certain Lansford Hastings, which led the Donner’s to destructionThornton’s party also chose to veer off course on another path called the Applegate Trail, named for founding brothers Jesse and Lindsay Applegate. They arrived safely at Sutter’s Fort.

According to Thornton’s telling, Reed drew a knife without attempting to use it. Snyder told him he’d whip him anyhow, and gave Reed a severe blow upon the head. Reed then cut “a little below the collar bone, cutting off the first rib, and driving the knife through the left lung.” Snyder turned his bullwhip upon Margret Reed’s head, managing two more blows upon James Frazier Reed before finally falling to his knees.

By 1877, survivor William C. Graves, whose wagon John Snyder was driving, had dramatically escalated the incident in his own memoir to read:

Reed started toward him, and jumping over the wagon tongue, said “you are a damned liar, and I’ll cut your heart out!” Snider pulled his clothes open on his breast and said, “cut away.” Reed ran to him and stuck a large six-inch butcher’s knife into his heart and cut off two ribs. Snider then turned the butt-end of his whip stock and struck him three times, but missed him the third and hit Mrs. Reed, who had in the meantime got hold of her husband.

This is precisely what we should come to expect of crisis actors, where the improv transpires in the moment of retelling. A journalist looks for a story, and the actor is most willing to reenact the incident, often adding his own flourishes for effect. Steve McQueen knew how to steal a scene in the testosterone heavy The Magnificent Seven by thumbing around with his hat, even while standing in the background. It’s how eyes are pulled from Bryner, Bronson, or Coburn. McQueen was a spook. Likewise, the Donner Party has no shortage of embellishments. It is only with the publication of butterfly farmer Charles Fayette McGlashan’s 1879 book, History of the Donner Party, that writers and Donner Party survivors alike dutifully identified Gravelly Ford as the fight and burial location of John Snyder. And yet, despite a myriad of trail researchers and Donner Party aficionados in the following decades, including an expedition to Gravelly Ford by a certain Captain Charles E. Davis in 1929, going so far as to offer his own burial marker, no proof has ever been found.


The Southern Paiute - Cedar Breaks National Monument (U.S. ...


After James Frazier Reed’s departure on horseback, everyone remaining in the Donner Party was then instructed to walk, including a 70 year-old man whose feet had split open from swelling. We know him only as Mr. Hardkoop, a Belgian. Lewis Keseberg wanted him removed from his wagon in order to lighten the load, and so told him to get out and walk or die. The old man managed both. He disappeared after resting by the stream and was never seen again. By now the Paiute Indians had relieved the Donner’s of 100 oxen, cattle, and much of their supplies. You will undoubtedly notice my emphasis on relieved. I’ve added a photo of the Paiute Indians above. Let’s put it this way. If salvage Indians wanted them dead, the Donner’s never would have lived to see snowfall. Every indication we can find however seems to conclude that the Indigenous peoples got along just fine with the very Tartarian cities which post mud-flood Manifest Destiny propaganda was only now attempting to fill, and I’m willing to bet their eventual demise in the Indian Plains Wars resulted from one false flag after another. Even the propagandist term racism derives from their genocidal conquerors. You can read about that here. Kill the Indian to Save the Man. Everything they feed us is a total inversion of truth.

Case in point. About the same time, a man whom we simply know as Wolfinger stopped to fix his wagon. Two men likewise identified as Augustus Spitzer and Joseph Reinhardt stayed behind to help, but later returned without him. They initially reported that Indians had come down out of the hills and killed Wolfinger, but Reinhardt later confessed to having murdered him while hunkering down at the Alder Creek camp for the winter with the Donner’s. Then again, Jacob and George Donner died that winter, as did Spitzer and Reinhardt. So who told of his confession, the Donner children? More improv. And stranger still, despite the numerous historians who’ve investigated the Donner-Reed Party incident over nearly two centuries, Augustus Spitzer and Joseph Reinhardt’s identities have never been uncovered. They may be ghosts.

I decided to look into John Snyder but his birth is unknown. His parents are unknown. Very little is known of John Snyder except that somebody who went by the name served as driver for the Graves. I tried searching any available genealogy on Snyder and it appears as though he’s completely scrubbed. Or he never existed at all.

So, Snyder was a wash. But the Graves family, whom Snyder was a driver for, did not disappoint.


Salem witch trials | History & Causes | Britannica


Franklin Ward Graves (1789 – 25 December 1846) was the child of Zenas Graves (1751-1820) and a woman named Hannah. WikiTree has completely scrubbed Hannah’s date of birth and maiden name. She’s probably important. Zenas however had another wife, an Abigail Ward (1754-?). Their union produced a daughter named Sarah Graves. Sarah became a Coolidge. Abigail Ward has an Esther “Franklin” (1728-1810) listed for a mother. So, to clarify, Franklin Ward Graves half-sister was undoubtedly a “Franklin,” but also became a “Coolidge.” His step-mother, Abigail Ward, is yet another gem. She links the Graves family to American governors and statesmen, and a not so distant relative in the decades to come, Julia Ward Howe (May 27, 1819 – October 17, 1910). Julia Ward Howe was a Unitarian and Abolitionist who wrote Battle Hymn of the Republic after visiting Abraham Lincoln in the White House in November of 1861.

Now let’s turn to Franklin’s father. Zenas Graves was the son of John Graves (1706-?) and Mary “Bush” Graves (1708-?). Once again, Mary Bush has been scrubbed. Why am I not surprised? Need I remind you that the Bush family is perhaps the most powerful dynasty in American history. My guess is, we can place Mary Bush somewhere in the whereabouts of Richard Bush (1696-1732), the fifth great-grandfather of President George H.W. Bush. And if so, this would link Franklin Ward Graves to Mayflower passengers John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley, Plymouth Colony governor Thomas Hinckley, as well as John Rolfe and Pocahontas. Wild Bill Hickock, Douglas MacArthur (as well as John MacArthur), and Louisa May Alcott are all related to the Bush clan. Mary Parker is too. You may recognize Mary Parker as the woman tried and hung during the Salem Witch hoax. The Bush family has a long history of spooks.

But if spooks aren’t really your thing, then let’s put it in slightly different terms. Franklin Ward Graves was American royalty.




SNYDER IS murdered. Reed and three other guys ride off. Did I mention his mother-in-law died too? Paiute Indians are ruining everything. An old man who goes by the name of Mr. Hardkoop is left to die in the desert. Paiute Indians are further blamed for the death of somebody named Wolfinger. And the Sierra Nevada’s haven’t even been reached yet. Who is next on our death list?

The first of winters snowfall litters the ground while William Pike is buried in Truckee Canyon. Nice touch. The date is October 30th. Devil’s Night. Mischief Night. Cabbage Night. Call it what you will. It’s the day before Halloween, and mischief is afoot. Speaking of which, George Donner will badly injure himself on Halloween while fixing a broken wagon axle. The snowfall, which I presume has continued accumulating since the moment of Pike’s burial, will reach several feet in depth before nightfall. George and Jacob Donner decide to lag behind while the others move on ahead. Within one week and only 150 miles removed from Sutter’s Fort, the Donner Party will make the decision to hunker down for the winter. Donner’s injury will become gangrenous and eventually lead to his death. The killing of William Pike however can be attributed to William Foster.

Gun shot. We are told it was an accident, but then again, we’re told a lot of things.

I wanted to know more about William Foster and William Pike, and as it turns out, they were best friends long before becoming brother-in-laws. Apparently, William Foster and William Pike had been working on a riverboat sometime in 1842, en route to Tennessee, when it was trapped in ice. Because poetry rhymes. That’s also precisely when Foster and Pike met the Murphy sisters. Harriet and Sarah Murphy. It was love at first sight. Both couples were married before the ice had chance to thaw. Or so the story goes. The date was December 29, 1842. Harriet was 14. Sarah 16.



Pike. Pike. Why is that name familiar? Oh, yes, Albert Pike, brigadier general of the American Confederate States. 33-Degree Mason, Albert Pike. Luciferian, Albert Pike. I checked. William and Albert Pike are related, first through the Revolutionary War officer and Freemason Zebulon Pike, who served under George Washington, and then his son, Brigadier General Zebulon Montgomery Pike Jr., for whom Colorado’s Pike Peak is named. The Pike’s actually have a county named after them in Pennsylvania. I hope we all realize that they don’t simply hand out counties to families. Long before Albert Pike, the Pike name meant something. You can read more about Pike and the flat earth truth here. Peter Sellers. Since writing that paper I have furthermore begun to reconcile the fact that Pike wasn’t simply hiding the shape of the earth. He may have indeed been hiding the shape of our eternal inheritance. Mormons were created by Freemasons, probably as controlled opposition.

James Brown Pike was William Pike’s illegitimate father and Zebulon Montgomery Pike Jr.’s younger brother, which makes also makes Zebulon an uncle. What’s important to note about Zebulon Montgomery Pike Jr., an obvious Freemason, is that he led two expeditions under the authority of President Thomas Jefferson through the new Louisiana Purchase territory in 1805-1807, both of which coincided with the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and also something about Sacagawea. You will recall these are probably the final years leading up to the 1812 mud flood event, and at any rate, Meriwether Lewis was either murdered or committed suicide. Most likely the first option. Loose lips sink ships. The man who spoke openly about giants, blue-eyed white natives, and lost civilizations, died of gunshot wounds at Grinder’s Stand, an inn on the Natchez Trace some seventy miles southwest of Nashville. Much about these Jefferson mandated endeavors needs explored. As a land surveyor, Zebulon would have been a colossal contributor to the Old World Tartarian deception, and it only makes sense that another Pike, nephew William Pike, would have a hand in the narrative.


10 Things You May Not Know About Andrew Jackson - HISTORY


Getting back to Harriet Murphy, William Pike’s 14 year-old wife. She was only 19 during the Donner endeavor. Harriet was born in South Carolina to Jeremiah Burns Murphy and Levinah W. Jackson Murphy. Take a note of Jackson. Sometime around 1832, while Harriet was but five years-old, the Murphy family moved to Tennessee, and by 1836 they had converted to Mormonism. This is where their story gets particularly interesting. After Jeremiah Murphy died, Levinah Jackson Murphy took their children to the Mormon capital at Nauvoo, Illinois, for the roundabout of two years. It is upon their return to Tennessee on a steamship that William Pike is said to arrive into the narrative of her life.

Levinah Jackson Murphy is the daughter of a certain Frederick Jackson (1775-1836) and Charlotte Vinson, from Union County, South Carolina. President Andrew Jackson was born on March 15, 1767, which would only make Frederick Jackson eight years his younger. I wanted to know if Frederick and the President were related. Frederick Jackson’s heritage is mostly scrubbed. He was however born in Cross Keys, Union, South Carolina to parents Ralph Alexander Jackson (1715-1783) and Delilah Murphy (1757-1834). There’s the name again. Murphy. Are Harriet’s parents cousins? That is unimportant. Andrew Jackson was born in the Waxhaws, whereas Frederick was born in Union County. The Waxhaws is a geographical area straddling the borders of North and South Carolina. I checked. Union County also straddles the North and South Carolina border. And only 60 miles removed. I’m willing to bet Harriet Murphy Pike was also a close cousin of President Andrew Jackson.

Anyhow, sisters Harriet and Sarah met their dreamboats while trapped in ice, and were married before the river had a chance to thaw. That’s the official narrative, anyhow. I am reminded of how Bill Clinton met Hillary Rodham while studying in the Yale Law Library in 1971. We are always fed these romantic chance meeting stories when in fact Hillary Rodham Clinton is closer related to King John than Bill Clinton. Clearly, they are both royalty and their marriage was arranged.

Here’s another odd Pike connection to the Donner-Reed Party. An Elizabeth Pike (1872-1941) later married into the Booth family. A certain Abraham Valentine Booth (1867-1933), whose father, Abraham Booth (1815-1902), migrated from England, much like John Wilkes father, Junius Brutus Booth (May 1, 1796 – November 30, 1852). They appear to be related.

In my next Donner-Reed hoax paper, I expect to deal with claims of cannibalism. You see, the Donner’s were eventually split into multiple groups and somehow, they all managed to become cannibals.




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