Millennial Kingdom + Mud Flood: Examining Tartaria with Guest Rick Hummer

by | Jun 25, 2021

History is a lie, but you probably knew that already. If you tuned into my last Millennial Kingdom + Mud Flood discussion, which aimed at lining up Enoch’s 10-week calendar with the mud flood, you’ll likely recall that Rick Hummer had initially been scheduled to share his thoughts on the matter. Something came up. It happens. The following week he arrived to class. I handed the microphone over to him fully. You can attend future live discussions every Tuesday at 9pm EST, when I present another study on one various topic or another. Truther School. Shalom.


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  1. Saved by Grace

    Read the Book of Mormon. For it is the stick of Joseph. Ezekiel 37:15

    This will help you understand where Christ went after his death and resurrection as he had 12 more disciples in the Americas. Which was the 4th part of the Earth that Rev 6:2-8 talked about.

    Then Read The Sealed Portion with the discernment of the Ruach because of the subleties placed by the enemy.

    It will explain many of the prophecies of John that were taken out of Revelations.

    The Sealed book of Mormon also explains a lot.

    The father has been revealing many of the works that the prophets wrote so that we would no longer be deceived.


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