Mary Magdalene: Wife of Messiah: A Clue Given To Us by Papias

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THERE have been several updates since first publishing my ‘Mary Magdaline: Wife of Messiah’ paper a little over a month ago. But that is only because I keep digging through the books, and there are clues to be found in them. Consder the writings of Papias. Practically nobody knows who he is or what importance he plays in the His-Story of canonical Scripture. What if I told you Papias wrote the Gospel of Yochanon (John)? Dictated is a better word. Papias was a scribe, and so, according to Papias, he copied down the Gospel as Yochanon dictated it to him in the exoteric, word for word. And get this, as someone who personally knew the disciple Yochanon, he also wrote a multi-book commentary on both the Gospel of Yochanon and Revelation. Exciting, right? The stories he could tell. Unfortunately those books have been scrubbed from the libraries of the world. Oh gee. Say it ain’t so. also, why am I not surprised? But let’s stay on topic. I was casually reading through what sayings of his have survived and I couldn’t help but notice he left us another clue. I’m like to keep my eyes and ears open, you see, always listening. Because I never know what I’ll discover. I don’t want to give it away here, because then you won’t read the updated article. But let’s just say we are given even more reason as to why the woman “caught in adultery” wasn’t really caught in adultery at all. 

PDF [UPDATE]: Mary Magdaline: Wife of Messiah

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