Mary Magdalene: Daughter of Zion

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YEAH, I know. I’ve been updating my Miryam of Migdal paper all week, trying your patience. Is it a thank you that you want? In the very least I’ve been on a roll. It’s up to 220 pages now. I don’t say that to overwhelm anyone. When starting out the investigation last summer I had a clue about some things but didn’t ultimately know how much evidence would come my way. Another thing my reglars may have noticed is that I released a report on the 144,000 about a week or so ago. In it I showed how they’re all women and that they’re the same ladies as the daughters of Tsiyon. I am linking you to that report though there isn’t necessarily a need since I’m repeating much of the same information in my latest Migdal update. The reson being is that she is the Daughter of Tsiyon. That is my conclusion at any rate. I will ask you to at least give it a read and consider the possibility before disgarding the very notion. 

The latest update to my Mary Magdalene: Wife of Messiah investigation can be found in the PDF file below.

PDF [UPDATE]: Mary Magdaline: Daughter of Tsiyon

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