Joe Biden, Puppet President: Amtrak Joe Takes Another Tumble, Again

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THE only shock in all of this is in how little I’ve updated my ‘Joe Biden: Puppet President’ paper. My last entry was nearly a year ago when there should be dozens of them, all adding up the numbers. My only defense is that I’ve been preoccupied telling you all about how truly strange this realm is in countless other papers. I mean, even had I written a 200-page report on Amtrak Joe, that would still only be a drop in the bucket, given how weird our realm truly is. ‘Joe Biden: Puppet President’ is loaded with Gematria. There are so many numbers connected with JB that none of this can be mere coincidence. If you would like to read it for yourself then a $5 donation gives you an all access pass. I appreciate your support.

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