Ham’s Mystery Children: Elohiym Among Men

by | Dec 23, 2022

CHAM had sex with his father’s wife. There it is. Hopefully, you weren’t drinking from your morning coffee or chewing on an overpriced blueberry scone while reading that, as I would have either choked or spit up all over the computer screen. Sometimes I struggle figuring out how to start these conversations. But then I got to thinking, everything hinges upon Cham’s sin. The topic after all is Cham’s many children. The guy was a rabbit, and it was nearly always springtime. Names will be dropped. Familiar names. Including those names associated with divine beings. People as well as elohiym whom you never suspected to be his offspring much less real historical figures will be put forward. Therefore, Cham’s sin needed to get out of the way. Don’t worry, I will explain.

Spinoffs have been in order around here as of late. I figure this is the second one to my 7,000-Year Timeline Deception paper. But also, because I only write within my own exclusive multiverse, this is a simultaneous continuation of the Serpent Seed saga. That’s two birds with one stone, right there, Choose your path wisely. The first Timeline Deception spinoff was a little ditty which I like to call The Many Lives of Nimrod. In that one I showed you how it was entirely possible to have Nimrod interacting with Avraham when in fact the LXX separates them by a thousand years. No, I won’t spoil it for you. That’s something you’re going to have to read for yourself. The sleight of hand may slip out later on during this exercise, and in fact is likely to happen sooner rather than later now that I think about it, but I drop these links for a reason. I said this was a spin off, did I not? Reading a paper such as this one without regarding the parent is like obsessively watching ‘Laverne & Shirley’ or ‘Joanie Loves Chachi’ but then never watching a single episode of ‘Happy Days.’ My Z-Generation and iGen readers probably don’t have the faintest clue what I’m talking about. I’m already losing a segment of my audience. Oh no. The best policy in situations such as these is to keep on moving.

This time around the hope is to push my Nimrod research forward and to its next logical conclusion. There is always that one person who cannot agree to anything unless the Scholars have signed off on it. Whether it is the dating of books or what may be constituted as a Scriptural authority, the dreaded “pseudo” stamp, much less the delirium of the Hellenization virus which has been wedged into historical and dare I say fictional geological column. Another way of saying this is that many will claim they take the words of Elohiym over man but then very few can agree on the scope of Elohiym’s words seeing as how men have been so busy at work classifying them into categories.

Regarding Cham’s children, I will be criticized for dropping the names that I do because they don’t always match up with the modern historians. The modern historians you see have already assigned for us what geological columns the names of Chan’s children belong to. Not the ancient historians though. No, the ancient historians had hundreds if not thousands of volumes of records at their disposal but they’re all wrong, apparently. It is somehow the modern Institutions, with the few remaining texts conveniently available to them, which know better than everybody. Need I remind you again that this is the 7,000-Year Timeline Deception which you are reading from. There is no desire on my part to leave you hanging. Eventually, and perhaps even before this is over, I will have to get around to showing you what I believe is happening.  

2023 Conference Announcement

IT’S happening. Zen Garcia was kind enough to ask me to speak at the upcoming 2023 Sacred Word Revealed conference in Atlanta, Georgia. May 26-28. And I’m going. Somewhere on that wall of fine presenters is my mug, but I’m not telling you which one. I like to play hard to get, and so, you will have to try your best and find me. My arrival is predicated upon me speaking exclusively on the Millennial Kingdom + Mud Flood subject, which has been plastered all over TUC over the last few years. I hope to see my readers there! Once Zen and company release the official schedule I plan on scheduling a TUC meetup. So stay tuned.

Miss Rivqah is born!

AND no, she wasn’t born standing up. That would be totally amazing if true. Rivqah is nearly 4 months old now, her birthdate being on July 7, and as you can see, she loves standing with assistance. Sarah and I are in our 40’s, have been married for over 20 years, and never thought we could have any more children. Rivqah decided to surprise us when we least expected it, and here she is, tada! all smiles. Yahuah is truly amazing. Expect plenty more of her in upcoming announcements. I may throw her in when you least suspect it. You can read her birth story here.

Miss Rivqah.

Rebecca L. Gould: A growing family at TUC!

IN my last newsletter I made mention of Rebecca L. Gould without ever giving a photo reveal. Well, here she is. The lovely Rebecca. Rebecca came to TUC during the summer of 2021 after following the breadcrumb trail from Rob Skiba and Nephelim research and soon thereafter began following the Torah. She has been an enormous help to the TUC ministry ever since that time, editing books for publication as well as running the podcast and administrating the TUC community, among other  tasks. ‘The Earth Not a Globe Review: Volume I’ and ‘The Legends of the Jews: Volumes I-IV’ would not have happened without her. 

New Article Archives

A GREAT deal many of my readers have been asking for a single page where my articles can be accessed and I don’t blame them. The sheer volume has become dizzying. Just know that the list provided here is far from complete, though I do say it’s a good start. It’s not that I’m holding anything back. I have been attempting to convert my catalogue of work into pdf files over the last so many months and that is no small easy task. The greater bulk is published all throughout my website. You’ll have to fish for them until I get around to it.

Article Archives on TUC

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