Gorillas No Longer Beat Their Chest With Fists, Y’all

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Gorillas don’t beat their chest with their fists anymore, y’all. They slap them. The official answer by the Jane Goodall people is that they cup their hands in rapid succession. Knuckles side up, never down. What in the world is all I have to say about that. I have been to the zoo. I have personally observed monkeys fling pooh, which is another observation entirely, because the apes have beat their chest as well. If apes had been cupping their hands and slapping themselves all this time, then we would have known.  

Type “Gorilla Beat Chest” into the Google search engine and then tell me what you see. Here, I’ll show you what I saw. Illustration after illustration of apes beating their chests, knuckles down, parked right alongside actual photographs of gorillas slapping themselves. Ridiculous.

Do I even need to go through all the pop cultural references on this one? Spare me. King Kong beat his chest in 1933 and he’s still up to no good in the latest movies. Even the toy companies, paying very careful attention to detail, reproduce his bad behavior. I threw in the 1981 Donkey Kong arcade just to be ceratin. Yep, beating his chest like a naughty monkey. Still commiting the deed in the latest installments as well.

Artists visit zoos, you know. It’s how they learn to mimic the animal’s behavior on the page. I’ve barely even dug into the Mandela Effect yet and already the normies are running out of excuses. Every person and artist is the victim of a false memory, apparently. Even those who are making the false memory claim remember it differently. I would say there aren’t enough blue pills to go around but then I’d be underestimating the aims of our Controllers and their pharmaceutical companies.

You can read the latest update to my The Mandela Effect paper in the PDF file below.

PDF [Update]: The Mandela Effect

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