HAS it been nearly a year since turning out my last melted city article? Time is indeed a mystery. I could give alternate theories about why this is so but if you must know my wife gave birth to a daughter last summer and the months have been somewhat of a blur. 2022 was the year of Rivqah. Not that I haven’t been keeping busy. My serial reader should be well aware of my other writing investigations. It’s just that I’ve dropped the ball on the melted city project, and I’m rambling. Best to stop bumbling and get right to it. It was in some random library in Florida that I stumbled upon The LIFE Treasury of American Folklore—by total accident. You see, bumbling through libraries does have its advantages. Running your fingers along the spine of books, never really knowing what one will encounter, is quickly becoming a lost artform. Well, this particular LIFE publication is a treasure trove of information, and I’m about to show you. Coyote’s Lost City is the latest addition to my melted cities paper.

PDF [UPDATE]: Melted Cities

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