Cities of the Millennial Kingdom: The Lion and the Unicorn

by | Sep 1, 2022

HOW many updates have I made to my ‘Cities of the Millennial Kingdom’ paper over the last several days? Well, here is one more update before the week is through. I told you to make a mental note of the unicorn. Bookmark it, even. Were you not given fair warning in advance? I bet you forgot all about it, seeing as how there were so many pages to push through. We’re still on the topic of Great Britain and the unicorn can be found on the Royal Coat of Arms. Think very carefully about what is being stated here. You can perform your own search and they will tell you that the unicorn represents the Scots with the lion filling in for the Brits. Simply adorable. Not that it’s the wrong answer, per se. It’s simply not the whole answer. You can read all about it in the PDF below.

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