THE VATICAN is built directly on top of Kepha’s grave, and isn’t that interesting? They even call the palace where the Pope resides Saint Peter’s Basilica, as if that’s not suspicious. Truly, this is the stuff that keeps me up at night. I lay there on the pillow tossing this way and that, asking myself such questions as: “Where did Kepha reside while Yahusha reigned upon the Earth?” and also, “Was the place we call the Vatican it?” I know, right? Good luck sleeping tonight.

And yes, that’s exactly what I’m suggesting. If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, that is. Mm-hmm, I think we are on the same page this time around. There is perchance a symbiotic relationship to be had between the resurrected soul and the land. Kepha ministered, suffered, and died for the sake of Yahusha’s gospel in Rome, and so, it is by no means a stretch of the imagination to assume that he ruled from there as well. Once the kingdom was brought into full effect. That should be cause for another thoughtful glance at Saint Peter’s Basilica again. Seriously, have you seen the inside of that place? The outside too. The entire place is glorious.

My hope for this series is to pick up the scent and follow the trails of the Apostles, as well as various memberes of The Seventy, to see if a connection between the Millennial Kingdom and their travels can be made. This is my first entry. You can read my report on the church of Rome below.

PDF: Cities of the Millennial Kingdom: The Church of Rome

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