NONE of us likely suspected Jack the Giant Killer was based upon anything factual. It’s true though. All of it. The seed. The beanstalk. The giant and the axe. The singing harp and the goose that laid the golden egg for all I know. You might as well refer to me as the boy in the story, sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. It landed Jack into a heap of trouble, and I may need to end this thing in a hurry. My usual readers will not be surprised by any of this. The idea that mountain-sized trees once reached up to the heavens already sprung up in the back alleyways of the Truth-seeking community several years ago and I’m just now getting around to writing my own commentary. Better late than never.

I’m thinking we should chalk this up to my second spinoff to The Genesis Reset. That’s the one where I try my best to show how the world is much older than our current 7,000-year timeline of His-Story when the earth was in fact recreated after a massive destruction event. The initial spinoff would be my research on the Mud Fossils. If you took the time to read that one then in the very least you’ll recall my conclusions, that there are mud fossils which speak of prediluvian times but others which direct our attention to the world which once was before the Genesis recreation event. The giant trees of old fit into that category in my opinion. Many giant tree adherents would nuzzle skyscraper trees with cloud cake toppers in the centuries leading up to Noach’s flood, but I’m not so certain about that. I have an inkling that they’re much older than the current creation week. Then again, I really don’t know as I wasn’t there. Does it really matter either way? The trees appear to have existed by all indications and the far more pressing issue is that we must discover their remains on our own seeing as how humanities Controllers seem unwilling to let the Truth in plain/plane sight be known.

You can read the entire report in the PDF file below.

PDF: Cedars of Lebanon: Giant Tree Stumps

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