I just keep finding maps of the California island. There are probably dozens upon dozens of them floating around on the Intel-net like that feather in the Forrest Gump Intel movie. And so, I’ve added another few pages to my report on Calafia: Queen of California, complete with new maps. You’ll have to read the PDF below to get the full of it. By the way, I expect this to be an additional chapter in Millennial Kingdom + Mud Flood when I get around to the second edition. Not sure when that will be, so you will want to check for updates in my online bookstore. Shop. The best part about these maps, when given closer inspection, is that we can see what remains of the Red Sea. The Salton Sea in California as well as the Great Salt Lakes in Utah. Again though, you’ll have to read the full updated report. 

PDF [Update]: Calafia: Queen of California

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