Adam’s Return to Paradise: The Resurrection Already Happened

by | Dec 16, 2021

I’M PUBLISHING some of these articles out of order, which is slightly unfortunate for my serial readers. ‘Adam’s Return to Paradise’ was written several months ago now. It was read live on my YouTube channel as a build-up to The Odes of Solomon. The later details the resurrected priests inhabiting the Millennial Kingdom, and I dare say, they’re both counted among my favorites. I’ve grown in much knowledge since then, but they’re still classics in my book. One of the driving points behind the present article is that Satan didn’t know who Yahusha was, and I can prove it. His blunder cost him. Sheol was emptied out in the moments after the crucifixion. The set-apart were led to Paradise. I’ve just given the ending away. Not a deal breaker though if you enjoy the journey. And I do. In other news, you may have noticed that I plugged my YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe.

You’ll find the PDF for ‘Adam’s Return to Paradise’ here. Adam’s Return to Paradise.


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