666: The Mark of the Beast Finally Explained

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THE 666 Number question crops up frequently around here. Especially now that I’ve committed to the 70 AD narrative. People often ask like it’s some sort of Holy Spirit litmus test. Whether or not I have a direct phone line to God (because they’re tapped in, y’all) depends upon my answer. What they’re more often than not looking for is a futurist explanation, something which might better conform to the Zionists timeline. Well, sorry to disappoint. The Mark which Yochanon wrote about already happened. There. I said it. Are you happy now? Go write your complaint letter about me on Social Media.

“Noel believes the Mark already happened and the Trinity just gave me the Holy Spirit shivers, everybody! He’s setting us up… to take the Mark!”

Oh sure, that must be it. Tar and feather the guy who does his own research and comes to a different conclusion apart from the cult mentality. Most people have a shake-n-bake reaction to the notion that Revelation has already happened, often invoking the emotional meltdown of the two options. Telling you the Mark has already happened is not the same thing as saying it won’t happen again. People get their knickers in a twist when making that assumption about me because they’re projecting their own deductive reasoning onto my own. It was a physical mark but more than anything a spiritual one. Spiritual indicates an ongoing reality whereas physical implies it might happen again or that it already has and is in all likelihood currently occurring. I will explain. The best way to do that I suppose is by quoting from the passage. And so, here it goes. Giving the Mark of the Beast the old college try in three, two, one…

You can read my latest update to ‘The Glorious Appearing of Yahusha Ha’Mashich: What Really Happened in 70 AD’ in the pdf file below.

PDF [UPDATE]: The Glorious Appearing of Yahusha HaMashiach: The Mark

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