1948: The Year Gog Invaded Israel

by | Feb 9, 2022

YOU may recall that I came out with an article nearly a year ago claiming the 1948 invasion of Israel was Edom, not Gog, and now you have questions. Why the switcheroo? I’ve scratched Edom’s involvement in the 1948 creation of Israel, but only after coming to learn that it’s a partial truth. The people who call themselves Joos are in fact Edomites, but that’s not nearly the whole of it, as they are also the people of Magog. Stumbling upon that little tidbit was a complete accident on my part. I nearly fell out of my chair when it happened, and as you can hopefully imagine, the implications are HUGE. The Gog from Magog invasion has already begun, but even that is a smidgeon of the larger picture.

You can read read my updated report here1948: The Year Gog Invaded Israel



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