IN recent weeks I have been turning out 60-to-70-page papers easily. And on their first publication as well. Usually, I just back the dump truck up and unload the information, knowing that the weather forecast calls for additional revisions on the horizon. I don’t know what’s to come of a discussion such as this one. If I have been starving the subject matter off over the last so many years, it’s simply because I’ve been hoping to forage the familiar variety of research that typically accompanies a standard homework assignment. Not so this time. The present subject in case you’ve already forgotten is preexistence. Looks like all I can do is lay my cards on the table and let my readers consider the possibility or squirm as usual. I place my personal seal of guarantee on it however insomuch as you will be rewarded. Everything we have so far been talking about will come together.

The following is an expansion of ‘The Earth Is a Womb’. You can read my report on preexistence in the PDF below.

PDF [Update]: The Earth Is a Womb: Preexistence