The Preexistence of Souls: The Serpent Seed Problem

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AND then it occurred to me that the offspring of the Watchers couldn’t possibly be a preexistent soul. The Naphaliym were giants. But not only that, they were immortal souls who went on to become evil ruachoth after expiring in the flesh. That would be messed up beyond measure. Imagine having to break the news to Little Timmy in heaven. Sorry kid, I know you wanted a human mommy and daddy down on the Earth, but you’re getting stuck as a cannibalistic hybrid giant with six toes rather than five, all cracked and smelling of moldy cheese, and afterwards, you’ll wander the earth as a famished demon, possessing the bodies of perverts without ever attaining the warmth you desire, both on a conscious and a subconscious psychological level. Sucks to win that lottery.

The following is an expansion of ‘The Earth Is a Womb’ article. You can read my full report on preexistence in the PDF below.

PDF [Update]: The Earth Is a Womb: Preexistence and the Serpent Seed Problem