The Preexistence of Righteous Souls

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THE part about the preexistence of Yahusha Ha’Mashiach is an obvious one but I’m going to start out telling you about his longstanding before the Father of ruachoth anyways. After going on and on about the preexistence of literally everyone, including you and me, most people took it well, I think. Today however I have arrived with my cognitive dissonance detector kit, or CDD for short. It will be in introducing some of the familiar names that the usual stuff will hit the fan. I arrive with a bagful of peanuts and what do the monkeys do? They return my favor with poo. No, I am not calling you an ape. My readership is the best around. I’m simply commenting upon the social media environment; the usual weather forecast; political correctness; cancel culture; the Gestapo; Spanish Inquisition; the stretch rack; Seminary; that sort of thing. I have personally seen how quickly a crowd can turn. Anywho, here is my latest updated report on preexistence and how the earth is a womb and all that. The latest section is on the preexistence of the righteous.