The Epistle of Romans According to Torah: Chapter One

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PA’AL’S desire to visit the church of Rome was an urgent one. Rome may have been the most strategic hub for the overall reach of the gospel of Yahusha HaMashiach to the surrounding nations in the first century world. It was a church which consisted of goyim but also the Yahudim, many of which, we will eventually come to find, were personal associates of Messiah during his earthly ministry. It is likewise from the capitol city where emissaries were organized and sent out across the Roman world. Their calling was to fulfill the purpose of Yahusha’s ministry. In his words, he was sent “but to the lost sheep of the house of Yashar’el (Mattithyahu 15:24).” The lost sheep of Yashar’el aren’t the Jews, despite what many will claim. They are the tribes whom Yahuah had handed a bill of divorce centuries earlier. It’s in the Bible. Yashar’el quite literally became the goyim.

Yahusha’s emissaries saw the phenomenon of his gospel as the ingathering of the lost sheep to the One Elohiym of Yashar’el, just as the Prophets had foreseen and promised. This is the entire worldview by which Pa’al was operating by, and more than anything, his cause for concern. What I intend to do is demonstrate how and why Pa’al felt the gospel and the Torah were inseparable from the other. Chapter by chapter if need be. And we’re not talking about two separate gospels either. There was one gospel for the Yahudim and the goyim, and always had been since the very beginning.

No, Pa’al wasn’t severing humanity from the Law, nor was he creating a new religion. Don’t be ridiculous. That is how Pa’al is often perceived though, and it couldn’t be any further from the Truth. A signature of Pa’al’s letters is his obsession with teaching the Torah, mostly to an audience who’d never picked it up before their conversion. If anything, his desire was to correct the tendency toward non-observance of the Torah in the Roman church. The Epistle of Romans couldn’t be any more obvious. Why do so many people not see it? Just as importantly, how did I go so long without seeing it? Time for a remedy then. When this is over, I hope that you too will discover the historical Torah observant Pa’al who has long been hidden by the propaganda of our own Temple Controllers. Romans was written as a tutorial for the veteran believer and the newbie convert alike as to how they were to perceive themselves in light of Yahuah’s Torah. And so, here is my commentary on the Epistle of Pa’al to the Romans. We begin.

PDF: The Epistle of Romans According to Torah: Chapter 1