Missing Books: A Probable Introduction


“History repeats itself; that’s one of the things that’s wrong with history.”

— Clarence Darrow

AND THEN one day it finally occurred to me. The Vatican has never been raided. In the sort of imaginary world where nobody stands behind the curtain, it only makes sense that the Vatican would be relieved of a thing or two every now and then. I sat there and thought about that for a length of time. We are reminded time and again, how the preserved his-story of humanity is catalogued down there. Every so often, they emphasize that fact by releasing a new manuscript, like the lost book of King Og. The Vatican however has never been raided. Sure, Napoleon Bonaparte kidnapped Pope Pius VI, but he completely snubbed the vault. Why would anyone make off without the goods? That’s like robbing a bank but only to drive off with the manager wearing the key around his neck. We are told the Vatican was a sitting duck during the Second World War. Hitler wasn’t interested. Mussolini wasn’t interested. Churchill, Stalin, Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Hirohito; nobody was interested. From the very outset of America’s invasion of Iraq, museums were raided and deprived of their knowledge. And yet, when it came to The War, nobody walked off with books bundled between their arms. Nobody. I finally stopped to ponder that fact. It kind of gives everything away, don’t you think?

The purpose of this paper is to deal with the shape of history, because people keep pressing me to address the research of Anatoly Fomenko. In my last paper, The Lost Wars of Yahuah, I had begun by ruminating over the above mentioned issue. Missing books. So many missing books. I guess you can say I’ve been contemplating a great deal about lost history. But I’m not really phrasing it quite right, because there is a conspiracy against the Most-High, and Hisstory has been purposely misplaced. Maybe even completely re-written. We’re talking total malpractice and a spoonful of something by a nanny government. Time is a construct, as proven by the solar calendar. We live in an artificial system—a matrix of the Kabbalah design. Made by men. Not Yahuah. So really, this is about the shape of everything. History. Morality. Cosmology. Our own eternal inheritance. And Anatoly Fomenko. I think it’s finally time we take a closer look at him.


Fomenko's New Chronology Says That "History" Is All A Fake

legitimate Heirs of the Judean Throne


The internet describes Fomenko as a “Soviet and Russian mathematician, professor at Moscow University, well known as a topologist, and a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences,” but for the intents and purposes of this paper, he’s the guy who developed something called New Chronology.

What is his “New Chronology?”

I’m glad you asked.

Fomenko is of the opinion that official history is completely erroneous before the 14th century AD, with the centuries between AD 700 and 1300 being total falsifications, whereas popular events of Classical Antiquity which can be deemed as true happened in the above dark ages. The pull-away here isn’t so much that our historical timeline was changed in the middle ages. If we’re being precise, then there were no dark ages at all. Ironically, we are inhabiting the darkest age of all. Another way to look at this, and Fomenko has gone to great lengths using equations and mathematical means, is that history is the same story being told over and over and over and over and over and over again. In the forward to Chronology, Alexander Zinoviev, who is described as a “Russian social critic,” summed up Fomenko’s life’s work: “The entire history of humanity up until the XVII century is a forgery of global proportions, a falsification as deliberate as it is universal.” Emphasis is my own.

Among Fomenko’s core argument is the probability, though I reckon he would deem it as probable fact, that our knowledge of earlier cultures is based upon texts or copies of texts that date from after that era. This is primarily due to Benedictine monks. From that point forward, official chroniclers fixed the dates of important events in history, but in a way that created historical duplicates centuries apart. Fomenko prefers comparing historical accounts which describe astronomical events with the actual sky clock above our heads. The Gregorian calendar is a terrible way of keeping time, don’t you think? A good example of this would be the Peloponnesian War. We are told it was fought in ancient Greece between Athens and Sparta sometime in the 5th century BC. Fomenko however took astronomical events, such as an eclipse triad described by the ancient Greek Thucydides in History of the Peloponnesian War, and demonstrated that the War between the two powerful city states more likely occurred in AD 1039, 1046, and 1057. It’s rather difficult to argue with Yahuah’s calendar.

At first thought it may appear as though history was haphazardly slapped together rather than plagiarized. But then consider examples comparative genealogies below.


The Matrix of Ancient History


The provided graph is the work of Fomenko. Notice the similarities between the Holy Roman Empire during the 10th and 13th centuries, leading up to their Avignon Captivity, and the Kingdom of Judah leading up to the Babylonian Captivity. In both cases, their captivity lasts 70 years. Sure, I can direct your attention to political and religious upheavals which brought new timelines—complete with new memories—in times past. One such notable example would be the Bolshevik Revolution. Even Rome fractured into three solar calendars. Sun worship really screwed everyone up. But it would be terribly difficult to argue this is the work of Benedictine monks haphazardly slapping forged documents together and accidentally creating characters in a story from mere ghosts. The timelines are so identical that we are pressed to conclude only their names have been changed. In a future paper, I intend to show how even the events surrounding their lives remain the same. It can be argued, and I suppose I agree, the chart reveals a willful plagiarized act.

We’ve looked at the House of Judah. Now let’s peek in upon their neighbors and take notes. In the chart below we can see the Kingdom of Israel, from its beginning to end, when compared with the Holy Roman Empire, starting with Constantine the Great.


The Matrix of Ancient History


Fomenko’s charts go on and on from there. We could compare the Habsburg kings of Germany with the Russian Horde Empire or take a closer look at a line of French kings forged from Rome, but I think you get the point. The obvious question most will have is “why.” Why would they lie to us about the shape of His-story?

Simple. (Though perhaps not so simply done for the mortal mind.) Our Slave Masters sought to change the times in order that we haven’t a clue what day or hour we’re living in. Stop and ponder how completely disjointed from our spiritual reality something like this would make us. Entire religious schisms are provably jettisoned off into linear tangents simply based upon how certain Biblical events are arranged on the calendar. German historian Dietrich Hermann Hegewisch gave it away when he wrote in 1854 of historical chronology; it is necessary “to furnish a principle of order… and to promote the orderly arrangements of social life.” Our Slave Masters are creating order out of chaos, and in doing so, they are molding our perceived identity, our very own conscious, into the image of the Beast.

But also,our Slave Masters are creating a counterfeit system whereas a king might be transformed into an entire history. Or more specifically, that a bastardy pedigree may be validated for having never ruled in the first place. We’re talking serpent seed and synagogue of Satan stuff. Wink-wink. Perhaps Chinua Achebe, prominent Nigerian novelist, said it best. “There is that great proverb—that until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.” If you can finally come to terms with the fact that we are indeed the hunted, then you should have little problem gazing back at the trail of the hunt and gasp. We’ve been led through a maze of their design. As long as we remain in the Matrix, we do not know where we’ve been or where we’re going.


An Intended Intermission: What Is Truth?


Before moving forward another inch I need to remind my reader that I believe Scripture is Truth. But we also need to define what Scripture is. At the risk of sounding overly repetitive (this point needs to be hammered out), I will refer you to the ending of last week’s paper, Pinocchio Is Dead, in which I stressed the reality of Yahuah coming down upon the mountain at Sinai, in full sight of the assembly, in order to make His Law known for all generations. That includes our own. You can read that here. Pinocchio. Regardless, just about everyone in Hisstory has hated His Word—His Law. The Bible attests to this fact. There are two Truths which I fundamentally believe, and it is this. Yahuah’s Torah is light, and Yahusha, Son of the Most-High, is Torah made flesh. He came to show us how to walk Torah out. He is the light in a dark world, and the darkness recognizes him not.

Just look around. Stop justifying everything and calling it normal. This world is a very dark place, indeed. The 119th Psalmist got it right when he wrote: “They Word (Torah) is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.”

It will probably also do you well to read a recent paper wherein I wrestle with, and finally came to terms with the fact, that everything Yahusha prophesied during his Olivet Discourse came to pass within that generation. And that means everything. You can read about that here. The Resurrection. Call me a “preterist” or any other name you want. I don’t care. Either Yahusha was a prophet or a false-prophet. You can’t have it both ways. I choose to take him at his word. He told his audience that all those things he spoke about would happen in that generation. He said there were people present who wouldn’t taste death. The people of that generation saw him in the clouds with the armies of heaven. I choose that as my reality.

Such conclusions then beckon the following thought. If Yahusha returned for his flock by 70 AD, as he promised he would, then where in the world are we in Hisstory today? The answer, I believe, derives from Scripture and something called the mud flood theory. Sometime after Yahusha returned to destroy Jerusalem in 66-70 AD, the official timeline (from our standing position) succumbed to the sort of train wreck that involves a seemingly impossible to answer algebraic word problem. I furthermore believe, or rather heavily speculate, that a thousand years have already passed rather than two-thousand. What this means is we have entered the season of deception promised in Revelation 20. It may seem like radical thinking, but I don’t see how this couldn’t be any more obvious given everything we know. This is unlike any other time in human history. We’ve been lied to about everything. Reality as we know it has been completely re-written. If this is all news to you, then I suggest reading the following papers. Mud flood. Watchers released. 1893 Chicago World Fair. 1901 Pan-American Exposition. Human Reset. Should the horizon seem despairing to you, then look up and hope in New Jerusalem. It is up to Yahusha to set all things straight, and make all things new. I choose to believe in that.

Because really, if it’s reality we’re after, then the only Truth we have to cling to, and which I’m certain is a sure thing, is Yahuah’s Law and the testimony of Yahusha. Revelation 14:12.



The Wikipedia vs Fomenko


The ultimate problem I have with Anatoly Fomenko, and which very few advocates care to point out, are his “intellectual” associations. Pick any name out of the Scrabble hat. Pick Nikola Tesla, I don’t care. Recall a name and then ask yourself these questions. Are there any spooks swimming in his circle—and who, if anyone, is backing or promoting his research? I decided to turn to The Wikipedia, spook literature, and this is what I found.

New Chronology has its own page. I went there first. Wiki describes Fomenko’s life work as “a pseudo-historical Russian conspiracy theory which argues that events of antiquity generally attributed to the civilizations of the Roman Empire, Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt, actually occurred during the Middle Ages, more than a thousand years later.” Already, I like where this is going. “The theory further proposes that world history prior to 1600 AD has been widely falsified to suit the interests of a number of different conspirators including the Vatican, the Holy Roman Empire, and the Russian House of Romanov, all working to obscure the true history of the world centered around a global empire called the ‘Russian Horde.'” Again, emphasis is my own.

The Wikipedia furthermore tells us “mainstream historians” reject Fomenko, duh, because he is inconsistent with “absolute and relative dating techniques.” Oh, sigh. Understand, Fomenko is not the first to cry foul. While publishing a version of Pliny the Elder’s Natural History in 1685, French scholar Jean Hardouin claimed that most Greek and Roman texts were forged by Benedictine monks, and that most ancient historical documents were furthermore much younger than commonly believed.

Isaac Newton spoke in similar terms.

Everyone who questions the paradigm is promptly told to shut up. “Don’t alert the sheep to the Matrix, Newton.” You know the drill.

My next stop was Wiki’s main article for Anatoly Fomenko. The Wikipedia tells us almost immediately that Fomenko gathered his research from Freemason Nikolai Alexandre. Insert Neil Armstrong moon landing flag here. Either spooks are letting us in upon one of their own deceptions—an investment they never seem interested in outside of Russia—or they’re attempting to throw us off their scent. I chose both. This is precisely what we’ve seen with Mormons John Smith and Brigham Young. The founders of the Latter Day Saints were noted Freemasons. Again, this leads us to conclude that everything about the sudden and seemingly urgent creation of Mormonism is a lie, bent on deceiving as many souls as is humanly possible, or we’re looking at one more mighty example of controlled opposition. If you’re not caught up to speed on this, then I suggest reading the following articles. 1849 Gold Rush Hoax. Donner Party Family relations. More Donner Party Family Relations. Indian Genocide. Smithsonian. Boy Scouts.

What is controlled opposition—you ask? Defeat the Truth by shoving it in our face and then making us look stupid for either believing it or, more frequently, for not accepting the blatant lie which it’s packaged in. Nearly all governments in human history have employed this technique to trick and subdue, ultimately enslave the people they promise to govern and help. It was Vladimir Lenin who said, ”The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” The problem, however, is not with Americans ability to recognize Soviet Russia’s re-writing of history, but the fact that we’re currently in the same—but far worse—predicament.



The Shape of His-Story


Just to be safe, I decided to look into French scholar Jean Hardouin.

Uh-oh, he’s a Jesuit. That’s not good.

And Newton, as you may already well be aware, was a kabbalist. The Last Magician. So, what the hell is happening? Freemasons and Jesuits and occultists are either leading “Truthers” towards a slippery slope, or they’re dropping us bread crumbs—and in every case, getting blasted by their contemporaries for doing so. Apparently, Jesuits had French scholar Jean Hardouin recant from his position. Interesting. Even Newton’s analysis of history, which placed the English further back in antiquity, was published posthumous. His critics thought him senile. Then again, his critics were probably all in the same circle playing the game of sexy hot potato—the hot potato being “unutterable secrets.” The sexy explains itself. Also, it’s all a script. Spooks are gas-lighting us.

I am of the opinion that we are once again, in the cases of Hardouin, Newton, and Alexandre, seeing notable examples of controlled opposition. Unravel the truth, but make it look messy. Sloppy detective work. Hardouin was a spook. Newton was a spook. Alexandre was a spook. And if we’re being honest, Fomenko probably is too. With Fomenko, we shouldn’t be surprised to find some truth mixed with lies. You will accuse me of being double-minded and of attempting to justify my way out of a rock and a hard place. But that is precisely where we find ourselves in history, between a rock and a hard place. Revelation 20. We are in the season of Satan’s deception, when Yahuah has handed mankind over to their own delusions, and we are lied to about everything. It’s kind of like discovering the flat earth in 2015 and then being promptly told by chosen guru, Eric Dubay, that “Jesus” never existed. Same thing.

Even the King James Bible is controlled opposition.

What!? What!? WHAT…!?” You cry, tightening the noose in your hands. You then pick up the phone to call your friends. “Get the pitchfork. We’ve got ourselves another coon hunt.”

Don’t believe me? James was initiated into Freemasonry, into the Lodge of Scoon and Perth in 1601, at the age of thirty-five, two years before becoming king. The King James Bible wouldn’t be published for another ten years, and this comes after James had ordered structure within the ranks of Freemasonry. To this very day, the 1611 edition of the King James Bible remains the Freemason Bible, a literal furniture piece, and is the edition conventionally used in secret Masonic temple rituals.

The reader of Scripture cannot get out of this one.

We have little choice but to pick through the scraps of Truth among a heaping of lies. Revelation 20. The season of deception. Agent George Orwell said it best, “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”

Mm-hmm. A rock and a hard place.


The Komnenian Dynasty: The Byzantine Royal Family that Kept Coming ...

Andronikos I Komnenos


Let’s take theory to application and look at some of Fomenko’s beliefs.

Fomenko claims Andronikos I Komnenos was the historical Jesus. Actually, “the Christ” is a composite figure of the Prophet Elisha, Pope Gregory VII (1020-1085), Saint Basil of Caesarea (330-379), and somebody named Li Yuanhao (1032-1048). Also, Bacchus, Euclides, and Dionysius. Another example is the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, which Fomenko claims is actually Solomon’s Temple. Jerusalem, Rome, and Troy are furthermore the same location, and as you may have guessed, Jesus Christ was crucified in Constantinople. While it is true that “Jesus” is a creation of the Catholic Church,  and he’s spot on about the Bacchus, Euclides, and Dionysius composite of the Mystery religions, Jesus is certainly not the historical prophet Yahusha HaMashiach. The first is a manipulated image of the Beast system. The second is rarely discovered except by those seeking Truth. You can begin to see how Fomenko is playing the part of Hypatia—a tool of both worlds.

Logistical reality actually gets a lot more convoluted within Fomenko’s anatomy, becoming something far more akin to a Lewis Carroll Looking-Glass world. Do you remember when the unicorn told Alice to pass the cake around first and then cut it with a knife? This is like that. In his Chronology, the events of the New Testament precede those of the Old Testament. From here, everything is flipped on its head. Ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece are Renaissance constructs, whereas the real kingdom of Pharaohs may have lasted into the 1700’s. Interesting. Ancient Egypt butts avatar nemes with the mud flood and looses. Meanwhile, Fomenko’s historical Alexander the Great was still instructed by Aristotle, but the young victor was a Russian czar in Moscow in the 1400s, not the son of a Macedonian king.

And just so we’re clear, Fomenko’s Chronology is several volumes. The inverted reality goes on and on and on and on, but I won’t.

We must do our best to untangle lies from the truth.


Missing Books: A Questionable Conclusion


You will recall that I started out contemplating the Vatican vault in errant contrast to the shadowy over-land we live in, sparsely furnished with a catalogue of missing books. The subject has long hounded me. Missing books. Already, Benedictine monks are fingered as a responsible party for penning the ancient texts which we believe is sedimentary, set in stone, and something we fundamentally call history. But there is more to it than that. We are also pressed to consider that a thousand years has been added to history. For obvious reasons, mud flood reasons, I suspect the millennial deception is a more recent invention. I therefore propose that there is yet another explanation to the tangled yarn.

Missing books. What if—and I stress, what if Origen was a contemporary of Thomas Aquinas? Just stop and ponder that for a moment. What I mean is, what if Origen wrote of Aquinas? That would be a problem to the expanded timeline. Pick any two names. Pope Gregory or Francis of Assisi. Mark Felix or Ambrose. What if Constantine was a contemporary of Saint Augustine, or Tertullian of Jerome? That would be a problem.

Again, books aren’t lost to the sands of time. They simply and suddenly go missing.

History is one big psyop. The burning of the library at Alexandria is just a cover story.




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