1 He said, My days are coming to an end and I must prophesy what Yahuah has revealed unto me. In the end of days, Elohiym will send his word to die. Many will obey the word and wash themselves in its blood. However, Nimrud will return with his prostitute on top of man and cause kings to commit abominations in the name of the word which they will replace with another one.

2 Shadows will ride the spirits of men and cast them into the pit.

3 My people will fight another like unto Nimrud before this. His name will be Dagol. The leader of my people will be Yahudah. The children and their mother will die because of Piggul. The same will also come to pass in the last days.

4 The people of Sadra will also be taken over by adulterous men who will spread another word not heard of before that time. Another congregation will profane the name of Yahuah into a strange sound never heard of. Then I will send a strong arm, but he will also fall because of the sin of Nimrud.

5 My word will be twisted by those bishops who think to know better. It will deceive many and place my word into infancy when the year is dead.

6 In the beginning Elohiym made the heavens and the earth. The earth became formless and deserted and darkness was upon the shaft of the pit. And the spirit of Yahuah hovered over the surface of the seas.

7 And Elohiym said, Let there be light and there was the word, the light of men. Men were in darkness and the light overpowered the darkness, but men saw it not.

8 I command that you follow this light and shun the false light of Nimrud. Do not worship the east nor carve trees unto devils in the name of Elohiym.

9 I give you, my children, this word to keep. The days are coming when Yahuah will send a lawgiver to deliver you from the mouth of Leviathan. My words will help you with the coming trial.

10 Be of good cheer and remember what I have done to Nimrud.

11 These things Shem said to his children, and he died. He was gathered to his fathers and his children wept for seven days.