Pontius Pilate On Trial: The Innocence of Pilate in ‘The Gospel of Peter’

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PONTIUS Pilate washed his hands of the entire affair. Which is the same thing as saying he didn’t do it. Yahusha HaMashiach was offed by someone, there is no question about that. But it wasn’t him. Pontius Pilate is a patsy. You have probably arrived to disagree, again, as there is nothing new under the sun. But then I will ask, what is the purpose of washing one’s hands of the entire affair if the said individual still goes through with it? That makes no sense whatsoever. Look, you either wash your hands and remove yourself from the unraveling train wreck or you don’t and then continue dirtying them. And in case there’s any confusion, Pilate told us why he washed his hands in the Gospel of Mattithyahu. Since turning in the first itteration a reader sent me in a tip. He said ‘The Gospel of Kepha’ made it absolutely clear that Pilate had nothing to do with it. How could I have missed the obvious? I’ve even published ‘The Gospel of Kepha’ here at The Unexpected Cosmology and must have glanced right over that fact. Time to remedy my own oversight, then.  You can read the full report for yourself in the PDF below.

PDF [UPDATE]: Pontius Pilate on Trial In the Gospel of Peter

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