THIS IS the part where I play the bearer of bad news and explain to you how Benedictine monks and Jesuit have screwed everything up. They are not solely to blame, as there are others. Point is, we don’t know where we are on the timeline, and for that I blame the scribes. You would think keeping records would be a simple task. I mean, Scripture gives us a begetting schedule, yes? A’dam begat Sheth, who in turn begat Enosh, and so on. Well, I jotted down as many begetting dates in Scripture as possible, comparing the Hebrew Masoretic with the Greek LXX, not forgetting numerous other texts, and none of the dates match up. Not even close. There are of course anamolies, which I talk about. The evidence all adds up to the likelihood that somebody scrambled the numbers. They don’t want us to know what year we’re living in.

Most will tell me it’s because they don’t want us to know we’re quickly approaching the year 6,000, and that Israel is somehow proof of that. If so, then that person is wrong. We’re way further along than the year 6,000. The Millennial Kingdom of Messiah has already happened, and if you’ve been following along, then I’ve been making a point of proving it. My latest MK + Mud Flood paper is a most noble effort to quote from Scripture and then crunch the numbers, adding them all up with a calculator. What Rome doesn’t want us to know is that we’re somewhere smack dab in Satan’s season of deception.

PDF [Update]: The 7000 Year Timeline Deception

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