Is an Angel from Heaven Preaching Torah…? (Revelation 14:6)

Rediscovering Torah | Sabbath

As a child, I would obsessively read through Revelation and imagine a time when people could look up to the sky and see actual angels flying through the air, proclaiming the Gospel to a world no longer capable of hearing it from their fellow man.

John records such an event as follows: “Then I saw another messenger [angelon] flying in the mid-heaven, having the everlasting glad-tidings to preach to those who dwell on the earth—even to every nation, tribe, tongue, and people (Revelation 14:6).”

I was recently struck by John’s insistence that the Good News was “everlasting,” which is normally a “no-duh” sort of statement, right? But then it occurred to me. What if we’ve been reading Yeshua’s Olivet prophecy wrong for the last two-thousand years?

In Matthew 24:14, the one true sign of his coming would be when “this Good News” of the kingdom was preached to all the world—then the end would come. We have taken this to mean that the Gospel would gradually expand from Jerusalem until, two-thousand years later, it finally reached the furthest ends of the earth. But what if Messiah was actually saying that his true gospel would not be preached until the very end—and then the end would come?

Let’s face it, lawlessness was already at work in the church while the Apostles still lived, and if Ignatius had anything to say on the mainstream message, the law of Elohim was put away with as early as the second century.

Whatever the angel is proclaiming to those who dwell on the earth must line up with what we’re seeing in Revelation 14:12. To this effect, John writes: “Here is the endurance of the set-apart ones, here are those guarding the commands of Elohim and the believe of Yeshua.”

What if the angel whom John wrote about has actively been flying through mid-heaven over the last decade (or longer), preaching the “everlasting” Good News to every nation, tribe, tongue, and people?

What if WE are the recipients of that angel’s message?

What if this worldwide Torah revival, what Rob Skiba refers to as the Ephraim Awakening, where YAHUAH’s set-apart ones are being woken up by the Spirit to guard the commands of Elohim and uphold the testimony of Yeshua, and with no leader to guide them, is the GREAT SIGN of Yeshua’s impending return?