WHILE Martin Couney was busily initiating World Expo audiences to his incubator babies, another fascinating though mostly forgotten cultural phenomenon was being showcased via mailboxes across the motionless plane of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They come in the form of photo-manipulated postcards of French design, surreal-real compositing. I have already shown you three examples but there are others. And what do we see? The same farmer who is dutifully watering his crop in one postcard can be seen attempting to pawn his produce off to respective buyers in another. We have all heard about the cabbage patch babies before. Infants quite literally harvested from the earth. That is not the only way in which the mystery babies are depicted as being harvest though. The so-called cabbage patch babies were shown as being manifested upon the earth in more ways than one.

This is an expansion of my research on the children of the mud flood. You can read the full updated report in the PDF below.

PDF [Update]: Children of the Mud Flood: The Original Cabbage Patch Babies

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