Vanilla Ice Was a Hoax: The Milli Vanilli Connection

by | Jun 9, 2022

JUST yesterday I released my paper on the Vanilla Ice psyop, and already, we’re digging back into it. That’s because I was laying in bed last night incable of sleep, due to the borken record imprinted in my head. Girl, you know it’s….. Girl, you know it’s….. Girl, you know it’s…… Believe me, it was awful. I knew there was no way any of this was going away unless I got it down into writing. That’s often the best recipe in flushing it out, you know. And so, here it is, delivered. I’ve added another 10 or so pages to the Vanilla Ice hoax. You’reprobable first thought is how Milli Vanilli and the Ice Man are in any way related. Well, they were both hoaxes, obviously. Specifically, they were a hoax within another hoax. Intel was giving a message, telling us how they do it all the time. If you read my full report below, then you’re about to find out precisely what I mean. 

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