The Psalm Project: Psalm 9

Pamela Glasgow | The Psalm Project

Adapted from

A Mizmor of David

(Psalm 9)


I lift up my hands.

I cast forth praise


With a complete soul—

All my mind,

All my heart,

All my will,

All my understanding—

I revere You,

EL, Strong Leader.

I confess Your character,

And Your name,


I recount the number

Of extraordinary things

You do.

With my mouth,

I declare with authority

Your wonders,

Your marvels,

Your miracles.

I plead for Your judgments.



Jump for joy!

In triumph

Make music!

Strike fingers

Upon the stringed instrument.

I will play

Upon the pipe,

Upon the reeded flute.

I will sing forth praise

Unto the character,

The fame,

The splendor



When my haters are turned back,

They shall falter,

They shall totter and fall,

Be cast down.

My enemies shall

Be blotted out.

They shall be utterly lost

Before Your faces.


For You have fashioned justice.

You act effectively

To secure my rights,

My Privileges.

YAHUAH Who Hears

My plea,

My cause,

My legal suit.

When You sit down

To judge,

Upon the throne

Of authority and power,

Upon Your seat of honor:

YOU govern,

YOU vindicate,

YOU decide the controversy.


With low, loud cries,

Rebuke those

Who are without the covenant.

Chide the nations

Hostile to You.

Refuse their harvest.

Let them wander,

Become lost.



The conspicuous position

Of the condemned and guilty.


Their character and renown.

Let judgement

Pass on continually,

As far as the eye

Can see or perceive,

To the edge

Of the horizon

And beyond.


My haters,

Those strong ones

Who work against me,

They are finished.



Their strength

Falls perpetually.

Their ruin endures—



Their desolation—

Absolute in scope.

And their encampments,

The cities—though guarded—

Shall be plucked up by the roots,

Expelled as waste.

They shall wander,



No way to flee.

Even the memory of them,

As odious perfume,

Shall dissipate.




For as far

As the eye can see or perceive,

To the edge of the horizon

And beyond.

He shall remain.

His, the place of judgment.

His throne shall abide,



He shall act as law-giver.

He shall determine the right.


And HE will,

With strength and firmness,

Enter the controversy.

He shall work:

Vindicate the innocent,

Condemn the guilty,

Punish the wicked—

His judgment

Shall encompass the world

And its inhabitants.

In righteousness—b’tsedek–

HE will judge

For the kindred,

His tribe,

The people of the covenant.




As a high place,

As a refuge,

For the crushed

And oppressed.


A Defense,

A Stronghold,

A High Tower—

At seasons of distress,

In affliction,

Or in a time of trouble.


Celebrate in song!

With fingers,

Skillfully play

The stringed instrument!

With the reeded flute,

Make music!

With your voice,

Sing forth praises


Who dwells in Zion!

Be conspicuous,

Stand out boldly

And announce

Among the kindred,

Among those

Who have taken hold

Of the covenant,

All of the exploits and works





When He diligently enquires,

Concerning the shedding

Of innocent blood,

He will bring them to mind.

He will remember.

He will not forget

The cry of distress

From the poor and afflicted,

The weak and humble.



Be gracious unto me!

Show Your favor!


Self-Existent, Eternal One,

See and consider

My affliction and poverty

Caused by

Those hostile to me,

My haters.


You, my ALOHIM,

Exalted me.

You raised me up

From realm of the dead,

For the purpose

Of Your praise,

That I may make the declaration,

That I may enscribe

A hymn of thanksgiving

And enumerate

All Your praise.

In the marketplace,

In the meeting houses,

At the entrance

Of the city,

The Daughter of Zion,

There, I will rejoice and be glad

In Your Yeshua.


A troop of animals,

The swarm of locusts—

Are those nations outside

The covenant,

Those who are hostile to You.

The rebels

Have drowned

In the grave

They fashioned.

They are caught

And in the trap

Which they laid

In secret,

Their own foot

Becomes snagged.


The Self-Existent One,


Observe and perceive

The process and procedures

Of His justice!

YAHUAH has brought forth

Judgment and right rulings.


In the work of his own doing,

The condemned and guilty are caught.

Disaster strikes

With the speed

Of a venomous snake,

For the guilty one,

The person hostile to ALOHIM,

Is trapped.


<higgayown: music is performed with gentleness>


[Selah: A dramatic pause in the music]


The criminal,

The condemned and guilty one,

Shall be turned back

And be lead away

To Sheol,

The underworld,

As will all the nations

Hostile to


And those outside the covenant

Who have forgotten



As for the poor and needy,

Those who exist in want,

They shall not always be forgotten,

The lifeline

Of the afflicted and meek

Shall not snap

Or unravel,

For a time continuing

Beyond counting,

And longer than

Ancient mountains endure.


The arising—

The time when HE WHO EXISTS–


Stands up to establish


Let not mortal man

Become imprudent,

Lifting the shoulder,

Raising the fist.

Let not the goyim,

The nations who oppose You,


Punish those hostile

To Your covenant.

Let them not strengthen themselves

Before Your faces.


Their appointment with terror

Has arrived.


O, Self-Existent, Eternal One,

Lead them into chaos,

Into the Abyss,

Then they shall perceive

And understand

Themselves to be



Subject to death.


[Selah: A sudden cessation of the music]

Pamela Glasgow

The Psalm Project represents my desire for a deeper understanding of the Word of YAHUAH. It is not a mechanical translation, a one-word-for-word exchange from Hebrew to English. We have those. This is is a lyrical adaptation of the many possibilities hidden in the Hebrew, arranged with consideration for the poetic and musical intent of the original writer. I pray you are as enriched in the reading as I was in the transcribing.

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