To the Preeminent Musician

To the Superintendent of Temple Services


A Mizmor Of David

(Psalm 13)


How long will You ignore me,


Will it continue without ceasing?

Have you forgotten me?

Have you ceased to care?

O, Self-Existent, Eternal One,

How long will You hide

Your faces

Because of me?


How long shall my regalia,

Those garments which I wear

During feast days,

Be laid waste?

Shall my eyes seek out the trail,

Shall my vital being

Follow the correct path,

Which the elders of the tribe

Have set in order?

How can I,

When I am

Become drunken

From the wine of affliction?

Once again,

The sun hangs low

Over the western waters,

And no hope springs forth.

I witness the mumblers,

Those who breathe threats,

Huffing and puffing,

I observe how they lift themselves up

Against me.


Behold, in Your dwelling place,

Look upon me and consider.

I gaze with pleasure

Toward my home.

O, Self-Existent, Eternal One,



With strong work,

Enlighten my eyes,

Kindle my understanding,

Lest that which I dread

Fix upon me,

And I fall into chaos,

The underworld,

The abode of the dead.


Lest those mumblers

Who speak against me,

Huffing and puffing,

Those haters who breathe threats

Against me–

Lest these boast,

“I did it!

I have been able

To master him.”


But I,

With sighs of longing,


That You guide

My journey

To a place of rest.

I cling to Your hand,

Dancing and spinning,

I leap for the joy

Within my heart

Because of Your Ye’shuah.


With a stringed instrument,

I play music,

I stroll about,

Singing praise,


For as a child,

I exist weaned,



For You have dealt bountifully

Unto me.




Pamela Glasgow

The Psalm Project represents my desire for a deeper understanding of the Word of YAHUAH. It is not a mechanical translation, a one-word-for-word exchange from Hebrew to English. We have those. This is is a lyrical adaptation of the many possibilities hidden in the Hebrew, arranged with consideration for the poetic and musical intent of the original writer. I pray you are as enriched in the reading as I was in the transcribing.

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