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UNFORTUNATELY, THIS IS A POSITION WHICH MANY MODERN Christian Copernicans, even under the guise of “Young Earth” Creationists, now openly confide in—that is, once they’re confronted by the authority of Scripture, which clearly declares that the sun moves and the earth stands fast; not the other way around. To state that the Hebrew writers of the Bible were simply misinformed, or that God didn’t bother to update the curriculum surrounding the depravity of their educational system, being simple-minded goat hearding nomads and all (despite the fact that their neighboring Greeks had no problem imagining a Ball-Earth without God’s help), or that those writers are now suddenly frivolous poets, are all false opinions, and a blasphemy against the Holy Ghost, who is the divine author of the Bible. If the Bible would err in the most easily observable secular and earthly matters, how could it be our guide in matters eternal and spiritual?

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Here in Main there’s an endless supply of lobster to eat, as you can plainly tell. Eric is simply bedazzled at the continued prospect of some guy driving up in a red truck, handing his dad a bag of steaming lobster, swapping a roll of cash from my pocket to his, and then speeding off just as quickly as he came. Bags of steaming lobster, fresh from the pot. Ira stills eyes them suspiciously while sipping on his juice box. I can’t blame him. Hideous creatures. But if the wife is happy then I’m happy. I’m still holding the Flat Earth banner high above the think-thank, which these thoughts keep swimming around in. That’s because a man has the space to think up here. This is some of the most beautiful country I’ve ever encountered. Life is simple. We have time for smores around the fire. And at night, as I gaze up at the stars in prayer, I ask God to take hold of my earthly and spiritual ponderings and lead them as He will.


So here we are, another day with a chance of lobster looming over the dinner table, and a Flat Earth sightseeing expedition in OUR WAY IS THE HIGHWAY is on order. How I could have gone 35 years of my life without grasping onto the certainty of what is presented in the Scriptures, I cannot say. I know I’ve spoken of such puzzling facts before, but I shall never cease to be amazed—I have no doubt eternity will prove this point—how eternal truths, both simple spoken and hard boiled, can be so obvious as the light before my outstretched fingers and still remain in the dark.


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The enormity of Flat Earth passages leap out to me now—I can’t even keep track of them all; as do the actual earthly truths that our spiritual guide speaks of around me. Not even considering the many sections of Scripture which boldly declare the overall enclosed cosmology, there is a total number of 67 verses in 35 books of the Bible which implicitly state that the sun moves and not the earth. There are however zero number of verses in the entire canon of Scripture which claim or even come close to implying that the Earth moves, spins, or travels in a revolution around the sun through the vacuum of space. If I once believed the Bible taught a Copernican view, it’s because I was handed a globe from the time I could scribble—being told repeatedly that the Bible upheld such outlandish claims; and as such blindly followed the very ignorance that enforces such guidelines.


That’s the problem. I take no issue with the Bible. The insertion of fantastical ideas into the pages of God’s Word—therein we have conflict. See, I was raised on two proper foundations. Firstly, the Word of God, what is breathed by the Spirit, is totally true and totally trustworthy. We shall call this the Doctrine of  Innarency. It’s something the LORD has been leading my thoughts in over the last day, particularly as they relate to the frowned upon topic of God’s created order—a theological truth we call Flat Earth. This leads into my second point. It is clear by the Holy Scriptures opening chapter that God reveals the nature of His created order through divine revelation. There is no pre-history which must be uncovered in geologic columns. The Bible unashamedly declares our beginning. And what is described from that beginning to its swiftly approaching end is unlike anything that is currently taught from the pulpit.


“In the beginning God created….” Genesis 1:1


The Doctrine of Innarency must be established in the mind of every Christian. Since officially coming out as a Flat Earther little less than 3 months ago—though it seems like a year or more, noting the added gray hairs on my head—I can’t tell you how quickly the Doctrine of Innarency flies right out the window from the most righteous of saints, soon as Scripture begins to present itself in disfavor of the Copernicans. Let me quote several learned men of our current age for your consideration. Afterwards, I’ll show all 67 verses from 35 noted Books which give issue to Copernicus and his worldwide showcase of disciples parading every hall in religion and academia today. I have no qualm with these educated gentlemen. None at all—as Innarency is concerned. To deny God’s revelation as true is blasphemy. They themselves make this point clearly known.


“Inerrancy is nothing less than the affirmation that the Bible, as the Word of God written, is totally true and totally trustworthy.” Al Mohler, President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

 “The inerrancy of Scripture is an essential and not optional doctrine for the church.” Paige Patterson, President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

“The total truthfulness of Scripture is claimed because this is what Scripture teaches and without it we are left to our own devices to try to figure who God is and what he has said.” Walter C. Kaiser, Jr. President Emeritus Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

“Jesus clearly affirmed the complete truthfulness and reliability of Scripture.” Daniel L. Akin, President of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

I believe inspiration guarantees the accuracy of every word in the original language, therefore we should study every word, translate it properly, and understand its meaning and live by it. I also believe that inspiration means the Holy Spirit breathed His presence into every word of scriptures, therefore we ought to read it daily, memorize it, meditate on it and let the life of the Spirit control our life.” Elmer L. Towns, Co-Founder of Liberty University

“Inerrancy is the fundamental of the fundamentals. Only divinely inspired and inerrant Scripture guarantees the truth and authority of the doctrines that flow from them. Only then can the Church rest assured that when the Bible speaks, God speaks.” Joseph M. Holden, President of Veritas Evangelical Seminary.

“The importance of inerrancy generates from the very perfections of the character of God Himself who cannot lie. To say that His Word errs or is imperfect is to blaspheme God Himself who is the Author of His Word.” David Farnell, Senior Professor of New Testament at The Master’s Seminary.

“Jesus said to Nicodemus, ‘If I tell you of earthly things, and you do not believe, how will you believe if I tell you of heavenly things?’ If we cannot trust the Word of God in earthly matters, matters that we can verify or falsify because they are down here with us, how can we trust the Word of God when it speaks of heavenly and spiritual matters, matters that we cannot verify or falsify because we have not ascended to heaven?” Thomas A. Howe, Professor of Bible and Biblical Languages at Southern Evangelical Seminary

And now for your consideration, those 67 verses…..

Genesis 15:12…… “…and when the sun was going down…”

15:17….. “…when the sun went down…”

19:23….. “The sun was risen upon the earth.”

28:11….. “…because the sun was set….”

32:31….. “…the sun rose….”

Exodus 17:12….. “…until the going down of the sun….”

22:3…… “…if the sun be risen upon him….”

22:26…. “…the sun goeth down….”

Leviticus 22:7…… “…And when the sun is down….”

Numbers 2:3…….. “…toward the rising of the sun….”

Deuteronomy 11:30….. “…the way where the sun goeth down….”

16:6……. “…at the going down of the sun….”

23:11….. “…when the sun is down….”

24:13….. “…when the sun goeth down….”

24:15….. “…neither shall the sun go down….”

Joshua 1:4….. “…the going down of the sun….”

8:29… “…as soon as the sun was down….”

10:12.. “…Sun, stand thou still upon Gibeon….”

10:13.. “…and the sun stood still….”

10:27.. “…the time of the going down of the sun….”

12:1…. “…toward the rising of the sun….”

Judges 5:31…. “…as the sun when he goeth down….”

8:13…. “…before the sun was up….”

9:33…. “…as soon as the sun is up….”

14:18…. “…before the sun went down….”

19:14…. “…and the sun went down….”

II Samuel 2:24…. “…the sun went down….”

3:35…. “…till the sun be down….”

23:4….. “…when the sun riseth….”

I Kings 22:36…. “…the going down of the sun….”

I Chronicles 16:30…. “…the world also shall be stable, that it be not moved….”

II Chronicles 18:34…. “…time of the sun going down….”

Job 9:7…. “…commandeth the sun and it riseth not….”

Job 26:7…. “…He hangeth the earth upon nothing….”

Psalm 19:4…. “…tabernacle for the sun….”

19:5 … “…cometh out to run….”

19:6…. “…goes forth in a circle from one end of heaven to the other….”

50:1…. “…from the rising of the sun….”

93:1…. “...the world also is established that it cannot be moved….”

104:19.. “…the sun knoweth his going down….”

104:22.. “…the sun ariseth….”

113:3…. “…from the rising of the sun….”

Ecclesiastes 1:5…. “…The sun also ariseth, and the sun goeth down and hasteth to the place where he arose….”

Isaiah 13:10…. “…sun shall be darkened in his going….”

38:8…… “…is gone down on the sundial of Ahaz….”

38:8…… “…so the sun returned….”

41:25…. “…from the rising of the sun….”

45:6…… “…from the rising of the sun….”

59:19…. “…from the rising of the sun….”

60:20…. “…the sun shall no more go down….”

Jeremiah 15:9…. “…her sun is gone down while it was yet day….”

Daniel 6:14…. “…going down of the sun….”

Amos 8:9…. “…cause the sun to go down at noon….”

Jonah 4:8…. “…when the sun did arise….”

Micah 3:6…. “…and the sun shall go down….”

Nahum 3:17…. “…when the sun ariseth….”

Habakkuk 3:11…. “…the sun and moon stood still in their habitation….”

Malachi 1:11…. “…from the rising of the sun….”

Matthew 5:45…. “…for He maketh His sun to rise….”

13:6….. “…and when the sun was up….”

Mark 1:32…. “…when the sun did set….”

4:6…… “…when the sun was up….”

16:2…… “…at the rising of the sun….”

Luke 4:40…. “…when the sun was setting….”

Ephesians 4:26…. “…let not the sun go down upon your wrath….”

James 1:11…. “…for the sun is no sooner risen….”

It is absolutely impossible that a passage of Scripture should intend or endorse false conceptions. The doctrine of the Lord is perfect, says the psalmist. Thy word is truth, says our Lord and Master Christ Himself. What god has inspired, that is correct, that is true, may it concern the way of salvation in a restricted sense, or other things which the Lord has spoken as truth in the Scriptures. What God speaks through the holy men, always complies with the facts, the real condition. If, therefore, it should be the case that that, which we perceive with our senses, or which we know by our reason, were contrary to the Word of God, we must not follow our senses and our reason, but trust in the Scriptures that they are right. God is omniscient; he knows all things. In nature, in history, in all branches of human knowledge he is acquainted with everything a thousand times better than the wisest of men on earth. God cannot err. Our eyes may deceive us, our ears may deceive us, all our senses may deceive us. The reason of the wise and learned on earth often wanders on peculiar and wrong roads, but God’s Word never deceives us. The true, correct, meaning of a Bible-word never leads us to false, erroneous,  conceptions. The Bible is always right in all things. It tells the truth about all things of which it records something, for its words are words of the Holy Ghost.” Prof. L. W. Dorn (Syn. Report, Tex., 1910, p. 68f.)

Maranatha from Kennebunkport!


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