Robert Frost vs. The Copernican Revolution: A Royal Genealogy

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I FIRST wrote this paper on Robert Frost back in 2017. Every so often someone comments upon it. Perhaps they were fond of it at one time, but that is a rarity. In reality, very few have read it, and I’m okay with that. I consider Frost vs. Copernicus one of my deep tracks. A hidden gem for my most devoted of readers. Not everything I pump out will be printed out and held up by phallus-shaped magnets on some fridge in the break room at Langley. Ever since publishing the paper I’ve thought about the New England poet, often to ask myself: “How do you even go about becoming the biggest contributor to American poetry?” You would think his sort of talent, blended with a varied recipe of philosophical ingredients, would have everything to do with it, and maybe living in a light house—but no. All those years I sat under a peer were apparently wasted. Turns out, the sons of Qayin only like to promote their own. Frost reading at Kennedy’s inauguration wasn’t a fluke. It’s all about genealogy. From what I’ve so far been able to gather, he was even more royal than the President. Read for your self to find out. 

PDF [Update]: Robert Frost vs the Copernican Revolution

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