Were the Pharisees Responsible for the Destruction of the Temple?

by | May 12, 2023

17 And I was grieved with my companions; and being wounded in mind we hid ourselves; for we were being sought for by them as criminals, and as being those wishing to set fire to the Temple. And upon all these things we fasted and sat mourning and weeping night and day until the Shabbath.

Besorah Kepha [The Gospel of Peter] 17

TO this very day, Judaism is identified with the rabbinic tradition of the Parashiym and vice versa. That is to say, the ancient Hebrew faith contained neither Judaism nor the Parashiym and there is no Judaism to be had without them. If you don’t believe me then follow this link to Judaism’s official Wiki article, wherein the unlearned mind will read a series of provocative claims. I aim to go over a couple of them over the following so many pages. You may be wondering why I’m thinking of bringing it up that whole messy business now. It has to do with what Kepha claims in verse 17. The quip about his being wounded in mind probably refers to the cock crow incident and, seeing as how the narrative has turned to his own personal experience, indicates there is much which should precede verse 1 but doesn’t. But then there is the reason as to why he had to hide. Kepha and the other Talmidiym were being falsely accused of a plot which entailed setting fire to the Temple.

They were projecting. Yes, you heard me right. Projecting. In slightly more technical terms, psychological projection is a defense mechanism of alterity concerning ‘inside’ content mistaken to be coming from the ‘outside’ other. Slightly simplified, it is taking your own thoughts, emotions, or desire, and misappropriating it in somebody else rather than yourself. I didn’t intend this to be couch therapy but sometimes shrink-issues cannot be avoided. What I’m about to tell you is something which you are unlikely to hear anywhere else, certainly not from the pulpit. The Parashiym were willing to light a match if it meant taking out their competition. And in fact, I suspect they not only conspired to do so but ensured that their plans were executed. It was most definitely already on their mind during the passion week, and they were blaming Yahusha and company for it.

As you can see, work is continuing on my line-for-line commentary of Besorah Kepha, or the Gospel of Peter. We’re onto verse 17 now. You can catch up with the conversation there or read the entire report in the PDF file below.

Miss Rivqah is born!

AND no, she wasn’t born standing up. That would be totally amazing if true. Rivqah is nearly 4 months old now, her birthdate being on July 7, and as you can see, she loves standing with assistance. Sarah and I are in our 40’s, have been married for over 20 years, and never thought we could have any more children. Rivqah decided to surprise us when we least expected it, and here she is, tada! all smiles. Yahuah is truly amazing. Expect plenty more of her in upcoming announcements. I may throw her in when you least suspect it. You can read her birth story here.

Miss Rivqah.

Rebecca L. Gould: A growing family at TUC!

IN my last newsletter I made mention of Rebecca L. Gould without ever giving a photo reveal. Well, here she is. The lovely Rebecca. Rebecca came to TUC during the summer of 2021 after following the breadcrumb trail from Rob Skiba and Nephelim research and soon thereafter began following the Torah. She has been an enormous help to the TUC ministry ever since that time, editing books for publication as well as running the podcast and administrating the TUC community, among other  tasks. ‘The Earth Not a Globe Review: Volume I’ and ‘The Legends of the Jews: Volumes I-IV’ would not have happened without her. 

New Article Archives

A GREAT deal many of my readers have been asking for a single page where my articles can be accessed and I don’t blame them. The sheer volume has become dizzying. Just know that the list provided here is far from complete, though I do say it’s a good start. It’s not that I’m holding anything back. I have been attempting to convert my catalogue of work into pdf files over the last so many months and that is no small easy task. The greater bulk is published all throughout my website. You’ll have to fish for them until I get around to it.

Article Archives on TUC

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