The War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness

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TO answer your question, books like ‘Adam and Eve’ and ‘The Gospel of Nicodemus’ line up with the Septuagint in terms of understanding when the Reign of Mashiach would physically manifest upon the earth. The chronology explains in simple black and white terms that Mashiach would resurrect 5,500 years after A’dam and that a thousand years of Shabbath rest would be initiated at the 6,000 mile-marker, bringing us up to the whereabouts of 530.  Putting the pieces together has been a part of my Seven Thousand Year Timeline Deception investigation. I know I’m sounding like a broken record by this point in the relationship, but people keep springing up out of the woodworks and the weeds totally baffled as to why my emphasis is on the Dark Ages. Supposing you are one of those who needs to catch up with the conversation, then aside from what you’ve already been given, and as part of class curriculum, I offer you the following research papers for your weekend reading pleasure.

500 Years of the Phoenix. Melted Cities. 536 AD: Year of the Fire Reset. 537 AD: The Fall of Camelot. 541 AD Year of the Apocalypse. Constantine Vs. the Millennial Kingdom. Muhammad vs. the Millennial Kingdom. Back To the Bible: Time Travel In Scripture.

As far as I’m concerned, there is no other timeline that works with the Ten Weeks of Enoch because, according to Chanok, we are looking at a week of apostasy in-between Mashiach and the arrival of his kingdom. I include Protestantism in the equation when saying Roman Christianity doesn’t know what to do with that information because they have done away with the Torah, and in doing so, are playing Russian Roulette with their souls. They have perchance joined their lot with the very apostates which Bible writers were constantly warning us about.

My original intent in researching and writing The Natsarim was to add a meat and potatoes side-note to Chanok’s Seventh Week. Yes, you’ve been slapped with another link, but only because it is some essential reading, and because this is a direct spin-off. The Natsarim were Sabbath keepers, guardians of YAHAUAHA’s Instructions in righteous living, the Torah, the righteous roots of Yashar’el which were dispersed and persecuted by the perverse generation. My unexpected surprise came in learning that the very notion of a Thousand Year Reign was a Natsarim one. They were in fact advocating a physical kingdom by which the sons of Yashar’el would resurrect from the dead to judge the Goyim. The only non-surprise in all of this is to learn that the Goyim church, refusing to be grafted into Yashar’el, hated the very notion. They deemed it far too “Joo-ish” for their taste.

Well, I’m sorry to break the News to the Torahless Goy but the Millennial Kingdom happened just as they said it would. It’s why I’ve decided our next outing should be directed towards The War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness. The War Scroll, as it is also known, is made up of various fragments within Cave 1 at Qumran, and likely contained the War of Mashiach scroll as its grand finale. The historians, the secular as well as the religious Scholars, and the schoolteachers all claim The War Scroll never happened, that it was a failed prophecy on the part of Yahudish zealots, probably Essene, and for far too long, I listened to them. Kind of like when I put Niqodiymon (Nicodemus) or Adam and Eve back on the shelf, among other books sharing their timeline, because clearly the Thousand Year Reign did not manifest in the 500’s as they had predicted—see what I mean? I’m not saying it’s a perfect fit with official history, but then the history book writers would make it too easy on us.

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