The Lost World of A’dam and Eve

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EXTRA-Biblical literature might as well be a pasttime of mine. As many to most of you know, I have devoted a great deal of my research and writing into comparing these sacred texts, seeing if the dueling pictures fit. Perhaps even strengthen the strokes of the pen in our peripheral vision. What I have found is that they are more often than not complimentary, particularly where A’damic literature is concerned. Yes, I transformed the name A’dam into a somewhat longer word, as if the man from Eden were a genre unto himself. Turns out, he is. There’s an entire lineup of A’damic stories devoted to humanities forefather, just waiting to be read. And contrarily to what you may be thinking, they are not all Genesis filler. The narrative which these books tell leads us from heaven to earth and She’ol, all the way to Messiah and then back to heaven again. But I’ve probably already given too much away. You’ll have to read the rest of it for yourself. 

‘The Lost World of A’dam and Eve’ is my very first release of material which does not constitute my own. It is my personal collection of A’damic literature, laid out cleanly on the page and edited in such a way so as to restore the names of Yahuah, the Most-High Elohiym of Yashar’el, as well as many others, like Sheth, Qayin, and Chanok. Here is the list of books in this collection.

The First Book of A’dam and Eve

The Second Book of A’dam and Eve

The Testament of Our Father A’dam

The Book of A’dam

The Revelation of Moshe

The Gospel of Nicodemus

The Gospel of Bartholomew

The Lost World of A’dam and Eve is available in paperback and on kindle.

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