The Holy Spirit Is Alive and Well in FLAT EARTH, and He Sends His Greetings


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I AM EITHER A BRAVE OR VERY STUPID MAN for agreeing to pen these series of books, as I am still not so old that I shan’t have a few blissful decades left, that is, if I hadn’t done this deed and attached my name to it. I do however see a glaring error in the church—in fact, there are many—and as such do willingly spoil my reputation among the in-crowd, even among family and friends, all in hopes that the Lord might bless my efforts and save a few—or one.

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This will not be understood by most to be an effort of love, particularly where the Body of Christ is concerned. I also understand cause and effect well enough to know what happens when one takes a stick to a wasps nest. But I am most willing to press forward, giving my very life if it comes to it, all for the sake of the Gospel.

Inevitably everyone has their own agenda. This current topic, what I affectionately refer to as the Doctrine of Flat Earth, is not short of them. I myself am certainly far from exempt. But let me just be clear from the beginning; I am in no way advocating the gospel of “waking-up,” nor do I wish to associate with the logic behind it. Such doctrine demands that we are always swimming in the darkness with an agonizing leg cramp, gasping for a fistful of air, never really knowing which new fact is the rightful discernment by which we must truly wake-up to in order to be saved. There are many here in the truther community who wish to alert you to the presence of one Luciferian lie only to supplant it immediately with another. The language is often the same. We must “save ourselves.” And I want nothing to do with it.

Can anybody who is dead save themselves and ascend to heaven on their own? Works-based theology in all their various forms inevitably leads its contributor to the same destination—the second death, and it’s an eternal one. Salvation only comes through the atoning sacrifice of Yeshua Hamashiach. My fullest and only allegiance is to the cross of Christ and, far more importantly, the empty tomb which immediately precedes it. And I will not be so much as bothered to move an inch to the right or the left of this claim. I bring this up now so that there are no surprises. You can expect ample mention of my Lord throughout, as no discussion in Flat Earth is complete without its Creator.

If I woke up, and indeed I did, it was an intervention by the Holy Ghost alone. Not a day goes by that I am not grateful for it. I am often asked what it would take to convince me the Earth is a globe. That’s a pretty tall order, since God Himself would have to take it all back. If I adhere to the Doctrine of Flat Earth, it’s because God’s true unbroken Revelation and Testimony concerning Himself in His creation says it to be true. Feel free to call me a fool. I’m thoroughly used to it by now. But I stand firmly on the belief that God, in His kingdom, will not bring His servants to shame.

Besides, science, true science, will back the Lord in the end. This I am certain of and am willing to be rebuked by God Almighty if I am falsely prophesying. Indeed this is the one and only prophecy I have yet to make in the Spirit, and I hold to it. The Lord’s Testimony concerning Himself and His creation will be rectified in the end.

If its science you’re after, you won’t find too much of that here. There is no shortage of debate where that is concerned. Nor will I hold anybody’s hand and attempt to convince him or her of anything, if it’s proof you’re after. My loyalties lie wholly with the pages of Holy Writ, including all who subscribe to it—and so the purpose of this book is mainly two-fold. It is my intent, knowing the desperate hour in which we live, to expose the terrible Great Delusion of Ball-Earth to as many of my fellow brothers and sisters as possible using the Bible—whoever has been purposed by the Lord to open this book, perhaps out of curiosity—in hopes that their passions for the faith, as well as the joy of their salvation, may be further stoked within this flame.

And secondly, for those who have already subscribed to Flat Earth, or “woken-up,” if you will, I ask now and will continue to do so, that you give the Bible careful consideration, for it gave accurate Testimony all along, despite our frightful rejection of it. The Holy Spirit is calling you. Give Jesus Christ, Yeshua Hamashiach, Creator of the firmament and the heavens above, another chance. He alone can cleanse you of all your sins and grant you eternal life into His Father’s presence.

To the rest of you who doubt the severity of my claim based on your high regard for the University and Institutions of men rather than the Inspired Word, I hereby raise my stick and begin.

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