IT is no secret that the Reformation finished what the Roman Catholic Church could not. They gutted any notion of the feminine Divine from the earth and from heaven. Would anyone care to refute that point? Many from the good old Baptists Boys Club will break a leg at the recollection but my readers know better, having done their homework. Women no longer have any metaphysical representation in the Holy Family, thereby making the prayer “on earth as it is in heaven” a seemingly impossible reality.

The thing which I love the most about the Truth is that it is not dependent upon you and me. It does not change its opinion based upon whether or not we happen to agree or disagree or even believe it to be. It may be hidden by heavenly design or human and spiritual intervention, which is a theme of the fairy tale, come to think of it, but the Truth is the Truth and there is nothing we can do in our wishful thinking to change that. Before this is over, I hope to make the case that the feminine Divine has been here all along, nurturing us as a Queen and a Mother, even if men obstinately refuse to recognize her.

The ultimate purpose of this paper is to discuss the Feminine Divine within Sleeping Beauty, and we shall get there, eventually, I hope, maybe, YAH willing. I see no reason as to why we should charge into the battle lines this time around. She’s sleeping in the tower and not going anywhere. There are still terms which need put in order, the first of which would be the fairy-tale. How do we even go about defining it?

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