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The Books of the Natsarim (Restored Names Edition)


PRE-ORDERS now on sale. Books of the Natsarim will begin to ship in January 2023.

The Book of the Natsarim (commonly translated as Nasorine, or Nazarene) and the Book of Yochanon (John) the Enlightened of Elohim were included together in a text known as the Gospel of the Kailedy, meaning “Wise Strangers”. The origins of this work are debated, as no original manuscripts have ever been found. However, it is commonly believed that the books were preserved and passed down by Celtic believers in the 1500’s after previously being saved from arson- possibly either the burning of the library of Alexandra or the Glastonbury Abbey fire in 1184. It has been tucked away alongside a secular work known as the Kolbrin, however they don’t remotely share any similarities. It is more likely that they were both passed down through the same or a similar group of people and timeline. We are not presenting this as a complete and divinely inspired text, however we do believe that it contains words from our Messiah that were not all captured in the canonical gospel accounts. As stated by the apostle Yochanon, “if everything the Messiah did were recorded, all of the books in the world could not contain them.” (John 21:25)

In this volume, you will find astonishing parables new and old. The new bringing deeper convictions and a sincere desire to look within oneself, and the old being expounded upon greatly. The timing of these books beginning to circulate is encouraging, as more and more believers are waking up to the true gospel; salvation in Messiah alone and the importance of keeping the Torah of the Most High, a concept confirmed again and again in this text. Certain scriptures such as Matthew 5:17-19 are clarified to mean exactly what the Ruach Ha’Qodesh (Holy Spirit) has already been revealing to many of us.

“I have not come to abolish the Torah or to change the teachings of the prophets, but to complete them, adding any necessary clarification and interpreting them to the understanding of men. But the time has come to ask: When will they be put into practice? When will men bring Yahuah out of the Temple and make Him a participant in their daily lives? When will men carry these things in their hearts and stop paying them lip service?” “I say with certainty, so long as Earth and the Heavens above it remain, not even the smallest particle shall be deducted from the Torah until the purpose it serves has been completed. Therefore, if anyone try to avoid even the least obligation imposed by the Torah, or to set aside the slightest of its restrictions, or teach others to do the same, he will be an insignificant thing in the life to come. But whoever lives by them, leading others to do likewise, will achieve the greatest heights of glory.”
(Book of the Natsarim 9:41-42)

Please note this text has been revised and edited to restore the sacred names of the Most High and His Son, as well as the original names of people and places. It is also separated into two separate books, which were formerly compiled together under the title ‘The Gospel of the Kailedy’. It is also important to mention that it was reported among early assembly writers and historians, that scriptures were already being tampered with. Justin Martyr testifies to this and cites a couple examples in his book, Dialogue with Trypho. Iraneaus also talks about it in his work Demonstration of Apostolic Preaching. Upon examining this document, we were led to omit a few out-of-place passages that opposed the rest of the text. While we believe the changes made are closer to the original intention of the writing, we recognize some of you may want to read it in the original form we found it. If you would like to read the original for yourself, you can find it here:

“Some disciples came to Yahusha and asked whether they should not withdraw into the wilderness, where they would dedicate their lives to Yahuah. Yahusha said, “Of what use would my teachings be in the wilderness? Are you going to save rocks from sin, or convert camels? Will you enlighten the wind, or give wisdom to mirages? Where is the benefit if what you learn cannot be put into practice? Learning and good conduct must go hand in hand, and the greatest wisdom is that which teaches men to live in harmony. They who seek to escape the tests and trials of life are cowards. Are you going to withdraw from the conflict through lack of courage, standing silently by while the wicked swallow up the good?”
(Book of the Natsarim 4:41-42)

It is time to step out in faith and be the light He has called us to be! May this be a blessing to you and your family and may the Ruach of Truth guide you in all things.

Edited and compiled by: Adam & Victoria Fink
Parable of the Vineyard Ministries