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FLAT EARTH. Torah. Extra-Biblical books. Mud flood. Tartaria. The afterlife. Simulations. Psyops. Secret societies. New World Order stuff. And above all else, taboo topics. You know the drill. People will be triggered.

One week ago we launched our DISCORD discussion group here at THE UNEXPECTED COSMOLOGY. I’ve spoken about the need for community discussions apart from social media like Facebook over the last few months, and so here it goes. Signing up should be easy.

It’s okay if we have varying opinions. Our Discord page is intended for the purposes of a like-minded community, devoted to research and warning others about the false paradigm surrounding us. Please come and feel free to share your discoveries. You’ll find a Join the Discussion page link at the top of the Magazine.

I hope to see you there.



Live Q&A and Special Guests


ONE WEEK later, and our Discord discussion group has already featured two Q&A’s. Jake Grant dropped by for a visit, and my personal hope is to conduct a study every Tuesday afternoon, detailing my latest article. We’ll keep you posted with a calendar of events on the Join the Discussion page.


Jake Grant

Wednesday, October 28, at 9PM EST

My first special guest was Jake Grant. A few weeks back, Jake published his paper on The Second Exodus here on The Unexpected Cosmology. During our fireside chat, Jake discussed his recent Enoch audio drama, which is available here. Enoch Audio Drama. We also had a surprise visit from Adam Fink of Parable of the Vineyard.


Laurel Austin

Thursday, November 5, 2020

My second special guest will be Laurel Austin. Laurel published her first paper, in what hopefully will become a series, on the autism crisis. She’ll be speaking about her personal experiences with vaccines, and how they’ve effected her family.


Future Live Q&A fireside chats will include Justin Best and Adam Fink, and I’m working to line up others.



Blessings and a Request


OVER THE LAST year, and despite the COVID psychodrama which has blanketed America and the world in a cruel and lasting spell, I have felt truly blessed by Yah. First, I want to discuss that blessing, which will then be followed by a request.

Many of you will recall that I came out last spring against “the 13th Apostle” Paul, claiming him to be a false apostle. It was the conclusion of an inquiry which I can safely say began twenty years ago, when a pastor first brought the discrepancies between Paul and the rest of Scripture to my attention. A public confession was incredibly difficult to do, but also an enormous relief. The backlash will testify to that fact. Seems like just about everyone was flinging monkey pooh in my direction.

It wasn’t easy witnessing people tell me they “loved me” and I was “a messenger of Yah,” among a dozen other phrases of flattery one week, and that I was a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” the next, by the same people. But it is what it is, and I stood there, willing to take it. Meanwhile, prominent people within the Torah community will confess privately that Scripture takes some serious umbrage against Paul and then blast anyone who confesses the same publicly. Again, it is what it is. I grew up as a pastor’s kid and know precisely how this works.

The only thing stopping people from seeing Paul as a false apostle is cognitive dissonance. There is of course the straw-man argument, “But Paul taught Torah and he believed in Jesus!” or, “Noel’s too stupid to get Paul!” and my favorite (reminiscent of the Charismatic church), “You wouldn’t get it, Noel, it’s a Holy Spirit thing.”

My entire point is, Yah blessed me for standing my ground on the truth. It is the truth. And the truth is spreading like a wildfire. It seems like every week new people, sometimes big names in the “Torah-Truther” circuit, are dropping their pride and coming forward privately, confessing that they too know Paul to be part of the test in the great contest for our soul, and that he’s leading many to their destruction.

Let’s talk now about the blessing.

After I came forward, and only after tasting the pooh in my mouth from people who should know better (or rather, because of), Yah brought before me a web designer, an editor, a co-writer, administrators, and researches into my life, all of whom are incredibly talented. Before my confession, I was on my own. And then they just started showing up, one by one. Not for exposure, but because they share the vision of reaching people with the wilderness cry that they recognize their enslavement in Babylon and return back to the ancient path. Everything I do on The Unexpected Cosmology is free labor. It means they’re not paid for their labor either. And I am so very grateful for their time.

That being said, anyone who visits The Unexpected Cosmology will hopefully observe that I have an entire section devoted to “Torah portions.” Because I am a Sabbath keeper, this is obviously a central focus of my week, and I therefore want it to be a central focus of everyone else’s week, but I could use your help.

I’m asking anyone who has a vision for practical and informative study tools geared towards the benefit of Torah followers, new and veteran, young and old, to help me build it up on the website. The idea I have is for someone to not only find their weekly portion at a whim, but also various links and good commentary, perhaps even specialty videos, with each Sabbath section.

Thousands of readers show up here who are searching, and the Truth is never complete without Yah’s instructions for righteous living.

Why did I bring up “the Paul issue” in a post requesting help? So that you know precisely where I stand. As 2020 has proven, I wouldn’t have it any other way.