The Unexpected Cosmology

News & Updates 4: Support the Ministry -   ACCEPTING DONATIONS is an issue with which I have long struggled, as the pursuit of Truth should be a free endeavor for everyone. I have been plugging away for several years now, rejecting any such offers, but after countless conversations and hours of deliberation I have finally agreed to do so based on one […]

News & Updates 3: Join the Conversation - Join the Conversation   FLAT EARTH. Torah. Extra-Biblical books. Mud flood. Tartaria. The afterlife. Simulations. Psyops. Secret societies. New World Order stuff. And above all else, taboo topics. You know the drill. People will be triggered. One week ago we launched our DISCORD discussion group here at THE UNEXPECTED COSMOLOGY. I’ve spoken about the need […]

Nationwide Baptisms for Yom Kippur - SOME TWO weeks ago, Adam Fink called me up on the phone and asked if I’d be interested in baptizing. The upcoming event was being swiftly organized by his YouTube channel, Parable of the Vineyard, and was intended as something nationwide. It actually happened like this. Fink had only recently released a video declaring the […]