Speaking of Q-Anon and the proposed “ten days of darkness,” I was watching Blade Runner: 2049 late last night—my first viewing—and would have fallen out of the couch and landed on my face if its cushions hadn’t already devoured me.

They said it.

The 10 days of darkness….”

And I was like: “Whaaaaa!?”

I hadn’t visited the original 1982 Blade Runner film in a very long time, and with everything I’ve researched in the go-between years, was shocked to see its overt MK Ultra message. The entire narrative however not only trolls a few MK Ultra’s running amuck from their intended programming, it preys upon our own memories, and beckons us to question how much of what we know and hold so dear was actually planted into our skulls by the corporations who run our world.

Why are so many people triggered when we tell them they’ve been lied to? Because we’re disagreeing with their own memories. Nobody wants to acknowledge they’re the result of “global” programming. Duh.

If you haven’t seen the film, then forgive me for giving away the ending (or just skip this paragraph altogether). The year is 2019. Harrison Ford plays the part of the ‘Bladerunner,’ an elite LAPD exterminator of ‘replicants’—A.I. machines who have broken free of their intended programming. While going about on his mission to kill the dissenters, Ford falls in love with a woman who is a replicant but doesn’t know it yet. In fact, the two of them even share similar memories. As the story concludes, Ford discovers that his fellow police officer, the Chinese guy who instigates a mysterious trail of paper origami, is in actuality his handler and that he is indeed a replicant. Everyone is playing him for a fool.

Blade Runner 2049 and the Role of Joi in a Joyless World | Den of Geek

If Blade Runner follows through to its logical conclusion, then the entire world is one big massively social engineered MK Ultra program.

According to it’s recent follow-up, Blade Runner: 2049, the world experienced a total blackout sometime in the year 2020. And while little information is otherwise given, it appears to be some sort of reset event, in which pre-existing archival information was re-written or otherwise almost entirely lost in a society still completely run and governed by corporations. The black out event caused the Tyrell Corporation, the very people who ruled the world through its replicant program, to go bankrupt.

The world would need saving by yet another corporate New World Order. The10 days of darkness appears to be a designed event to grab more elitest power and further thrust mankind into ignorance.

Clearly, time will tell whether the voice behind the “Q” Movement simply borrowed from Blade Runner: 2049 or, like the dozens upon dozens of references in the decades leading up to September 11, this is yet another eerie example of predictive programming.

Hindsight is 2020.