The Unexpected Cosmology

“Peace! Peace! They Say, Where There Is No Peace” |Dr. Strange, Marvel Comics & the Religion of Haight-Ashbury in Defiance of the Second Coming of Christ (Reflections in Flat Earth from Montreal) - EVIDENCE OF A HIGH-RANKING CONSPIRACY against our Lord’s return is conspicuous to the Christian who carefully examines the Apostle John, particularly when he writes: “And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against him that sat on the horse, and against his army (Revelation […]

Science, Pseudoscience, & the Antichrist Spirit: Carl Sagan’s Personal Voyage -   CARL SAGAN is meticulously selective in his choice wording when he says, “Science is more than a body of knowledge; it is a way of thinking.” Such an assumption is not only regarded as favorable by his contemporaries, they also concur when Sagan assures us that most individuals have “heard virtually nothing of modern […]

Nazi Germany, the USSR, & Now the USA | A Modern Case of Historical Negationism (Reflections in Flat Earth from Quebec City) - “IT IS THE ABSOLUTE RIGHT OF THE STATE to supervise the formation of public opinion.” Josef Goebbels words, not mine. Goebbels was Adolf Hitler’s Reich Minister of Propaganda, serving his office faithfully from 1933 until 1945, when several conflicting accounts accredit his final undoing to any number of possible murder and assisted suicide scenarios. At […]

“THE WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY” | WAR CRIMINALS PREFER FLAT EARTH MAPS (Reflections in Flat Earth from Nova Scotia) - FORMER U.S. PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA once famously stated, “We don’t have time for a meeting of the Flat Earth Society!” Perhaps that’s because Barack Hussein Obama was too busy plotting war crimes against people. And killing people he did.

GLOBE-EARTH & “DOUBLETHINK” | A True Orwellian Nightmare (Reflections in Flat Earth from Nova Scotia) - DOUBLETHINK IS THE COGNITIVE LANGUAGE OF THE MODERN CHRISTIAN. By  no coincidence, it is Big Brother approved. My serial reader will immediately note that I am not so concerned with the unbelieving. Flat Earth is not for everyone—clearly. My issue is with the true believer. Doublethink is his intellectual language too, and he—the Christian, once […]

“SIMULATION THEORY” + NEW MATHEMATICS & SCIENCE = SAME TIRESOME DAMNABLE LIE (Reflections in Flat Earth from Nova Scotia) - PLATO NEVER OWNED AN APPLE COMPUTER. Suffice to say, had Steve Jobs been around to dialogue with Socrates in 5th Century Athens, Plato likely would have subscribed to the Simulation Theory. Is it not quite unlike Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” in his philosophy of Forms? For Plato, Forms (or ideas) represent the most accurate reality. […]

“HE WALKED WITH GOD…” THE DARWINIAN LIE IN CONFLICT WITH OUR TRUE COMMON ANCESTRY (Reflections in Flat Earth from Nova Scotia) - SATAN IS BY NATURE A FLATTERER AND A KNEE-KNOCKER. There are few who can withstand the cajolery of his sparkling eyes and blushing smile. That one cannot object to evolution while holding almost any position of prominence, particularly in the fields of science and academia, is evidence of his totalitarian grip. That we have so […]

“CHILDHOOD’S END”—ARTHUR C. CLARKE’S ‘THREE LAWS’ IN LIGHT OF THE SCIENCE DELUSION | Reflections in Flat Earth from Nova Scotia - THE UNITED STATES AND RUSSIA ARE BOTH ENGAGED WITH THE DAWNING DAYS of the space race. It is still the late 20th century, and the only obstacle which can hinder either opposing party from physically manning space, by no small coincidence, does in fact occur. Monster alien spacecrafts peacefully intercept their planned flights, hovering over […]

THANKING MY NEW SUBSCRIBERS & READERSHIP with ANOTHER SELFIE! Reflections in Flat Earth from Nova Scotia - NOT FORGETTING MY OLD SUBSCRIBERS EITHER. Thanks for sticking around. I confess I lost almost every single reader, what was left of the fleet anyhow, once coming out with the Biblical doctrine of Creation. My friends, colleagues, and relations must have thought I had contacted the plague, because they immediately boarded the next outbound train […]

“HOLDING THE MYSTERY OF FAITH IN PURE CONSCIENCE”—JOHN LOCKE & THE HUMANIST OVERTHROW OF THE CHURCH | Reflections in Flat Earth from Nova Scotia - FLAT EARTH IS THE SIMPLEST OF LITMUS TESTS. The Christian, who is presented with facts yet still manages to reject what the Scripture proclaims as truth—should it not adhere to his intellectual preferences—is a humanist. The doctrine is sound. For almost three-thousand years of Judeo-Christian history it was sound. And now quite suddenly, among the […]