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NOT FORGETTING MY OLD SUBSCRIBERS EITHER. Thanks for sticking around. I confess I lost almost every single reader, what was left of the fleet anyhow, once coming out with the Biblical doctrine of Creation. My friends, colleagues, and relations must have thought I had contacted the plague, because they immediately boarded the next outbound train for Sleepy Town. And then the mockers showed up—also friends, colleagues and relations to some extent. You know, the torch and pitchfork sort. KILL THE MONSTER! I stuck it out despite contrary preferences, accepted their hourly self-pleasuring flogs, and then finally found myself alone again—speaking mostly to an empty room—except for the few of you who remained, that is.

Coming out with FLAT EARTH felt like a death sentence. It’s something I really didn’t want to do. But the LORD spent months preparing me for it. He showered me with dreams and heavenly visions. Not all of them were pleasant. Relationships, even very dear ones, would permanently be severed. This was made clear to me. And at the right time, in His perfect timing—after a year of dedicated yet totally silent research into the matter, when He showed me a great many things—I started writing again.

Divine appointments were waiting.

My readership is healthier than it’s ever been—at any period of my life. Surely, this is not the reason I’ve dedicated myself tirelessly, day and night, to research and blogging. I’m not writing for self-praise, nor am I committing this deed to please men. If this were the case, I too would have dusted off the pitchfork in my garage and joined the mob! No—no! My nightly prayer is that fruit would be shown through this. I want to encourage those who are taking this journey alone, as I am.  I want to show that, through this latter day rain awakening of the Spirit, our experiences are identifiably common. I want to relay the message to my fellow pilgrims, though we are few in number, that we didn’t choose to live in this apostate hour—but God did. He appointed us to live in it, and that is good enough for me, whatever the outcome. And I want to see the kingdom of heaven expanded, if only by one person. If I pick up this FLAT EARTH banner, as my readers will take note, it’s because the Reformer’s slogan, “Sola Scriptura!” has been trampled through the mud, as has the name and reputation of God in the process.

This is going to be an interesting year. I didn’t say good year, necessarily, nor am I implying a bad one either. Let’s just wait and see what interesting turns out to be. Anything can happen! I expect my first FLAT EARTH book to be released in time for the International FLAT EARTH Conference in Raleigh, NC this November. And whatever happens, for each of us—as we raise the FLAT EARTH banner to an unbelieving world—our lives will never be the same.

By the way, that would be Tom Selleck’s house in the background of my selfie. So technically, I wan’t just taking a picture of myself. No, not his real house. It’s from the ten-movie serials he made based off of the Robert B. Parker series, Jesse Stone. Back before my FLAT EARTH awakening, I read every single Robert B. Parker novel, from Spenser and Jesse Stone to Cole & Hitch and whatever else is written-between. I hereby confess to my readership my lifelong love for Tom Selleck. Magnum P.I. Blue Bloods. His cowboy westerns. I ask that you simply deal with it.

To all of my subscribers, new and old, and those who are still to come, I look forward to getting to know each of you. Some of you have been as encouraging to me as I have—according to your testimonies—to you. Drop me a line. Let me know where you hang your hat. God willing, if our journey across North America continues, and I expect it will, perhaps we can meet in person. Always God willing, of course.

Indeed, this is going to be an interesting year.


Maranatha from Nova Scotia!