The Unexpected Cosmology

The Second Beast of Rome Finally Explained - APOLOGIES for the puppy photo. I’m weak around puppies. Meanwhile, I must be on a roll, because a new addition is being added for a third day in a row. You see, after tackling the beast of Rome two days ago and then yesterday’s ten horns of the beast, I quickly decided that the second […]

The Ten Horns of Rome Finally Explained - A NEW DAY brings another update to an old paper. And by old I mean to imply the report that was only published yesterday. If you recall, I demonstrated why the seven-headed beast of Revelation 13 and 17 was in fact the Leviathan, but also, a succession of Caesars and Flavian Caesar’s in Rome, all […]

The Beast of Rome Finally Explained - OVERCOMING decades of indoctrination is a painful process, particularly where the pet doctrines in Scripture are concerned. And yet, here we are. I guess I’ll just speak for myself. Here I am. Revelation has already been fulfilled. But even I’ve been surprised at how exactly it all went down. If you’ve been following my research […]

Prion Conspiracy - Jennifer, my wife had just begun dating me. This was way back, if you don’t know me well enough by now. Yeah, I’ve been married twelve years now, but we first met fourteen years ago. We met at AT&T, we were both IPhone techs. So yeah, for some weird reason we were in New York […]

The Apocalypse of Baruch (3 Baruch) - Prologue 1 A narrative and revelation of Baruch, concerning those ineffable things which he saw by command of Elohiym. Bless Thou, O Yahuah. 2 A revelation of Baruch, who stood upon the river Gel weeping over the captivity of 3 Yerushalayim, when also Abimelech was preserved by the hand of Elohiym, at the farm of […]

The Many Wives of Noah: Who Actually Landed on the Ark? - 22 And Zillah, she also bare Tubal-Qayin, an instructor of every artificer in brass and iron: and the sister of Tubal-Qayin was Na’amah. Bere’shiyth (Genesis) 4:22 [Cepher] KIND of a strange passage, don’t you think? Moshe goes out of his way to mention Na’amah as the sister of Tubal-Qayin. For all I know, Tubal-Qayin had […]

Dipping the Green - I guess you can call it “dipping.” At least that’s what Master Song Lu calls it. “Dipping.” One’s ability to go down unseen into the subconscious mind of the universe and “see” what goes on underneath. While others talk of the supernatural as if it were something crazy and evil… I was learning the tricks […]

Article Updates - ARTICLE UPDATE: 07 / 01 / 2021: “2020 In Review” I got more memes. ARTICLE UPDATE: 06 / 29 / 2021: “2020 In Review” What 2020 needs is more memes. Specifically, 30 new memes. ARTICLE UPDATE: 06 / 29 / 2021: “The Earth Is a Womb” Found some new Scripture in Jasher and The Book […]

The Anchorite Rites Return -   The Anchorite Rites Return Alchemical Rituals and Global Transformation Through Social Distancing     CURFEWS ARE ENFORCED from 10pm until 5am because those are the hours when COVID-19 is the deadliest—said no medical study ever. It had to be said. On Wednesday, March 25, 2020, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo called the coronavirus panic-demic […]

‘One World: Together at Home’ Was One Massive Magical & Social Engineering Ceremony - I’ll say it again. And again. We find ourselves caught up as unwilling recipients in the airwaves of one massive magical ritual. Coronavirus. The world is a stage. Did anyone else attempt to watch this? On Sunday, April 19, 2020, Lady Gaga and the World Health Organization hosted a blistering eight-plus hour marathon, called One […]