The Unexpected Cosmology

“Avoid Science Falsely So Called” Has Arrived! - HOW CHRISTIANITY HAS COLLECTIVELY COME TO AGREE with an academic Scientism which claims it knows better than God, I cannot say. But this is the soggy marsh by which we’ve fooled ourselves into building God’s kingdom upon, having conceded to the itching ears and salivating mouths of godless philosophers that ‘not all of the Holy […]

The Holy Spirit Is Alive and Well in FLAT EARTH, and He Sends His Greetings - I AM EITHER A BRAVE OR VERY STUPID MAN for agreeing to pen these series of books, as I am still not so old that I shan’t have a few blissful decades left, that is, if I hadn’t done this deed and attached my name to it. I do however see a glaring error in […]

The Shape of the Earth in the Age to Come | Satan’s Final Global Deception - THE BAD NEWS FIRST, SATAN IS TO BE RELEASED FROM PRISON. This—after he is gladly disposed of and the key is thrown. But we won’t have to worry about that for at least another thousand years, shall we? So now for the good news. Satan is to be defeated once and for all—soon after his […]

The Prostitute Next Door | My Life & Times With the Woman At the Well - MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW THIS about me, but for nearly a decade of my adult life I was a nation-wide renowned wedding photographer. I rarely talk about it anymore. History has moved on without me; it is by my own decision and design—and I am gratefully forgotten. Based at the time out of Long Beach, […]

Biblical Literalists Are the New “Apostates”—My Prayers Go Out | Reflections in Flat Earth from Charleston, SC - MY WIFE AND I LIVE NOW ON WHAT USED TO BE a slave plantation here in Charleston, South Carolina. The actual plantation home, which is older than our country (17th Century), neighbors our own. In fact, the magnificent tree-lined street of grand oaks, each branch dripping with Spanish moss, served as their driveway for centuries. […]

“In the Beginning Was the Word”—In Other Words, All Things Were Made By Him, Including FLAT EARTH | Reflections in Flat Earth from Niagara Falls - FOR THE AVERAGE “CHRISTIAN,” GOD IS A TERRIBLY DULL and boring sort of person to have around. By their own admission, he or she cares only for the free gift of salvation which God offers to them. This I am constantly reminded of by their insistence not to be bothered with spiritual truths or long-held […]

King Og Lets His Hatred of King Nimrod Be Known | “The Lost Book of King Og”—a synopsis #1 - “THESE ARE THE LAST AND ONLY WORDS SPOKEN BY OG THE REPHAIM as told to Onzal the Slayer of the Smaller Selves before Baal.” So begins the most blasphemous ancient document that I’ve ever read. From its opening lines King Og wants everyone to know of his pathetic life’s wholly-forgettable accomplishments. Namely, that he was […]

“I Sing the Body Electric!” The Kundalini Force Is Strong with NASA Astronaut Edgar Mitchell | Reflections in Flat Earth from Ontario - APOLLO 11 ASTRONAUT NEIL ARMSTRONG NEVER WITNESSED a single star. Not from the moon. Not from the space between the Earth and the moon. Not anywhere beyond our own atmosphere. In a 1970 interview with the BBC, Armstrong reported to The Sky at Night host Patrick Moore: “The sky is a deep black when viewed […]

“They Imagined In Their Hearts” | The Tower of Babel: Greatest Engineering Marvel in the History of Flat Earth | Reflections in Flat Earth from Ottawa - I PLACE MY FULL UNWAVERING FAITH IN THE WORD OF GOD—even among its grandest of geocentric narratives. I believe Moses when he recounts for us the first and only recorded one-world government, aside now from our prophesied own; specifically the incomplete Tower of Babel which resulted from it (Genesis 11:1-9). That the Chaldeans of Ur […]

When ‘Not’ To Speak Thy Mind | Brain-Computer Interface & the Mark of the Beast Has Got Nothing on the Amish )Reflections in Flat Earth from Montreal) - CRITICISM HAS OVERSHADOWED OUR SHARED PORTRAIT of the Amish for generations. The Great Commission commands us to go throughout the entire world preaching the Gospel. This, their Christian neighbor demands, the Amish have willingly failed at—as if the bulk of Christianity has made better use of the call. And yet it can be argued that […]