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FORMER U.S. PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA once famously stated, “We don’t have time for a meeting of the Flat Earth Society!” Perhaps that’s because Barack Hussein Obama was too busy plotting war crimes against people. And killing people he did.

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Despite candidate Obama’s pledge to sweep away Bush’s entanglement in Iraq and Afghanistan, no other US President fulfilled the unexpected legacy of two full terms at war. He is the very definition of a wartime president, and unlike his predecessor, Obama’s killing rampage was spread worldwide. During his final year in office alone, a stunning grand finale of 26,171 bombs were dropped—that would be 72 per day—and US special operations were active in 70% of the world’s nations, totaling 138 countries—a 130% increase over the Bush administration.

While filling in the breadth of two bloody-terms, thousands of innocent civilians were murdered, a total number which will likely forever remain unknown, and nearly 3 million people were deported from US shores. Where was the liberal outrage then? Even the Nobel Secretary regrets Obama’s peace prize. Indeed, the man who promised peace set the world ablaze. The Iran nuclear deal and the opening of diplomatic relations with Cuba stand alone as President Obama’s successful uses of diplomacy over hostility. Even Iran is criticized as a terrible farce. And history—true history, if permitted to be written—will alone be the judge as to his full participation in the formation and further strengthening of ISIS, unlike what we are currently led to believe among the gatekeepers of our media.

To the liberal, Barack Hussein Obama was painted as a reluctant warrior—a dove of peace; when in fact he was an iron-clad eagle of war with both talons spread.

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Obama’s embrace of drones has led to a preference for killing rather than capturing terrorists. And killing, such machines are certainly proficient at. Not only have women and children been slaughtered as part of its collateral damage package, but young men of military age who the Obama administration preemptively counts as combatants—they too became acceptable moving targets in his worldwide hunting grounds. After condemning Bush for detaining terrorists in Guantanamo, he upped the ante by not only keeping the prison open, but terminating people worldwide without trial.

I suppose if you’re going to run an Empire, you’re going to commit war crimes. Certainly not an excuse, but it’s impossible not to, seeing as how America is an Empire on par with Rome, unless your Calvin Coolidge and you like to sleep by the fishing pole. Barack Hussein Obama liked golf nearly so much as he salivated over the thought of dropping bombs, and he liked to hit his targets. Perhaps that’s why, when it came to committing the deed, the White House Situation Room employed the use of a polar azimuthal equidistant map.

That would be a Flat Earth map.

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According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), a polar azimuthal equidistant map is accurate in displaying continents and oceans. Globe maps, oddly enough, are not—particularly where air and aquatic navigation is concerned. To this day the equidistant Flat Earth map is employed for such purposes—air and sea perfection; or in the case of the Obama administration, for dropping bombs. And yet the USGS enforces a disclaimer that the equidistant map is only reliable for measuring a precise distance from the North Pole to any other longitude-latitude line on the map. Contrarily, many seafarers—braving the Southern Hemisphere—have been tormented, delayed, and even pronounced unexplainably off course for grossly miscalculating Antarctica’s size, and the distance between outstretched continents in that hemisphere, when calculating their course on globe maps. As many Flat Earth proponents know, the equidistant map is entirely reliable. And the government, despite filling every classroom with a globe—which is completely useless for any sort of navigational purpose except to fill the child’s mind with superstition regarding a plight from Earth, which will never happen—knows this too.

It is difficult for most people to understand the layout of FLAT EARTH, and are largely incapable of committing themselves to further research on the subject, because since they days of the diaper they have opened up their mouths and said, “Ahhhhh!” for the magic choo-choo as globe-Earth was spoon-fed into them. Those who are incapable of getting off the magic choo-choo at the next stop will find themselves laughing right along with Scientism’s prominent enforcer and children’s actor Bill Nye the Science Guy, who uses his apparent scientific prestige to deceive globe proponents with psy-op fabricated falsities by mockingly telling Flat Earthers to “drive to the edge and take pictures” as proof.

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It is a shame that Bill Nye the Science Guy, during his White House visits, never once asked President Obama if he could visit the Situation Room, just so that he could see for himself and come to understand what a true and accurate Earth map looked like—sufficient at least for deploying troops and dropping bombs.

Among his unprecedented wars and killing sprees, I am reminded that Obama spoke of being on the right side or wrong side of history more than any other U.S. President. “History will end up recording that at every juncture,” Obama claimed regarding his administrative actions in the Middle-East, “we were on the right side of history.” Did you hear that—at every juncture? It seems Obama is a moral man. He knows much about it—future history, that is; who is on the right and who is on the wrong side, apart from what God has testified of it.

Those whom he appoints as terrorists, unknowingly and without trial for example, are on the wrong side of history—as are Flat Earthers. Former Secretary of State John Kerry, when speaking at his usual Climate Talks, said: “Members of the Flat Earth Society are on the wrong side of history.”

You know, that really hurts, Mr. Secretary. But I guess I can’t take it too personal, kind of like when he accused ‘climate change’ skeptics of believing that with “the melting of the ice and the rise of sea level, all that extra water is just going to spill over the sides of a flat Earth.”

I can’t take it too personal, because he also would know something about that, wouldn’t he—those who are on his wrong side of history—particularly since he would be intimately familiar with the equidistant map in the Situation Room, having set his mind upon it repeatedly, and undoubtedly sat in on some of the killings.

Maranatha from Nova Scotia!



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