The Unexpected Cosmology

THE BIBLICAL FLAT EARTH & THE FIRMAMENT - WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING AT IS THE WORLD WE LIVE IN according to the Bible. Sure, the drawing is crude, but it brought me joy the first moment I laid eyes on it. I smiled, because I immediately recognized dozens of scripture verses, from the beginning of God’s word to the very end of it, each […]

12 FLAT EARTH OBSERVATIONS WHILE STANDING ALONG THE SEA SHORE - I’VE FINALLY COME TO REALIZE THAT BELIEVING IN BALL-EARTH is a lot like speaking a second language. Bilinguals often explain it to me like this. Their second spoken language is self-interpreted. Meaning, whereas their aboriginal thoughts flow first from a hidden spring, or identifying home language, lips naturally learn to transfer the verbage accordingly into […]

12 FLAT EARTH OBSERVATIONS WHILE GAZING UP AT THE MOON - THE OTHER NIGHT I WAS TOSSING AND TURNING in bed when my wife had the courage to turn over and question what could possibly be so pressing on my mind which would keep me a pillow short of a good night’s rest. I say courage because, after fifteen years of marriage, asking me to let […]

MY VISION OF HEAVEN & THE ROYAL PRIESTHOOD - WHEN MY WIFE AND I EXITED THE INTERSTATE and parked the fifth-wheel in Charleston, South Carolina a little over a year ago, I likened it then to a desert island. You know, Swiss Family Robinson or Robinson Crusoe. We were castaways only for a short time, I assured her, and that in itself, not the […]

THIS IS THE GREAT DELUSION - EVER SINCE I WAS A LITTLE BOY I’VE BEEN FASCINATED with Biblical eschatology, or the study of end times. And so long as I can remember, in the entire apocalyptic canon of scripture, there was no greater mystery than the curiosity found in Paul’s second letter to the Thessalonians.

THE MANDELA EFFECT aka RANTS & RAVINGS FROM THE CHECK-OUT AISLE OF THE PIGGLY WIGGLY - DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY TIMES I’VE WANTED to hold a Kit Kat bar up over my head and shout at the grocery clerk like a crazy mad man, “IT’S CHANGED AGAIN! IT’S CHANGED AGAIN!” I haven’t, because then I’d sound like a crazy mad man.

THE WATCHERS AREN’T RETURNING. THEY’RE ALREADY HERE. - I PUT THE KIDS TO BED AND THEN WENT OUT on another nighttime walk so that I might further reflect on my day’s thoughts and pray to the Lord.

I TRIED TO DISPROVE THE FLAT EARTH - THEN SOMETHING RATHER UNEXPECTED HAPPENED. Proponents of Flat Earth dunked my globe theory in the wastebasket, and I became a believer.