Nazi Germany, the USSR, & Now the USA | A Modern Case of Historical Negationism (Reflections in Flat Earth from Quebec City)


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“IT IS THE ABSOLUTE RIGHT OF THE STATE to supervise the formation of public opinion.” Josef Goebbels words, not mine. Goebbels was Adolf Hitler’s Reich Minister of Propaganda, serving his office faithfully from 1933 until 1945, when several conflicting accounts accredit his final undoing to any number of possible murder and assisted suicide scenarios. At any rate, most patriotic Americans will readily admit, when faced with the reality of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, the rewriting of history literally became institutionalized during the 20th century. It is a feat not entirely impossible, given absolute control over the media to overwrite the memories of hundreds of millions of people. All one needs is the collaborative efforts of the few powerful and a single generation to accomplish it in. History has proven this much. Almost always such malicious tampering is done to secure the monopolized hold which the conglomerate of power has over the very people they vow to shepherd. And yet in light of this, the average American will faint with horror, oh the horror, at the mere suggestion—the audacity—that anyone would dare suggest our world governing Empire has in any way supervised or shaped

our own understanding of history.

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Soon after Stalin achieved power, rival Leon Trotsky, founder of the Red Army and a monumental force behind the Bolshevik Revolution, simply disappeared from the public eye. He was of course assassinated with an ice ax to the brain, but with his political removal, so too was every portrait that had once hung in public squares and private households stripped from public consciousness. For the everyday Labour Party Soviet, Stalin and Lenin were inserted into the very role which Trotsky had once held, standing together as the imperial leaders of the Bolshevik. History was re-written, and every media outlet east of Berlin—from museums and building-sized posters to postage stamps—had a part to play in it.

While younger generations of Soviets believed this illegitimate distortion of the historical records was a true linear portrayal of political events, and likely saw no reason to question it; older generations, who had once personally familiarized themselves with the works and portraits of Trotsky in real time, perhaps rationalizing it all as but a dream in the face of relentless indoctrination, notably struggled with false-memory syndromes.

George Orwell took notice. Said Orwell, “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” In his dystopian novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four,” such a condition: knowing what is otherwise true and yet cognitively finding no contradiction in simultaneously believing what the Establishment demands is true, is called doublethink.

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I am simply perplexed by the sheer overwhelming number of Americans who truly believe the rewriting of history, or historical negationism, would not—No, it simply could not happen to them. And yet it clearly has. It’s happened to all of us. The American Government gave us something the Soviets could only wish to invent in their grandest of wet dreams—the television. It is predictably in every household across our nation, and likely all of western civilization, if not the world. And it is owned—the media, that is—maintained, and produced from its very ground-floor conceptions, even in its most imaginative Hollywood grandeur, from a stunning conglomerate of six corporations, every single one of them Zionist run. Collectively, they can dictate whatever narrative they want.

It was the Jew, my serial reader will likely recall, who first took the surgical knife to the Torah in favor of his Kabbalistic texts and the Babylonian Talmud, pronouncing God’s flat stationary Earth to be a spinning globular one—always spinning. At any rate, parents have lost their authority. They’ve handed the raising of their children over to the government. It’s a terrifying thought. When did we as a society mutually agree upon this? I can’t even stomach plopping my children down in front of the Public Broadcasting Service anymore. PBS produces shows where, for an entire thirty minutes, children can stare at cartoon images of the globe—never a single real image, mind you—and for no other purpose but to let Carl Sagan’s words ring true: “Who are we? We find that we live on an insignificant planet of a humdrum star lost in a galaxy tucked away in some forgotten corner of a universe in which there are far more galaxies than people.”

Today, doublethink surrounds us. A Christian reads of a stationary Earth in Holy Writ and likely never stops to contemplate why the only commentary that can be found which might otherwise grant geocentricism the courtesy of a passing nod regards a heliocentric globe. And while the ink-stains of historical negationism have been finely dried in every mainstream and government endorsed publication for two or three generations now, true history is still available to the student who wishes for nothing less than truth over the writing of fiction—meaning, not every book on the matter has been cooked.

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I look to our so-called Christian astronomers—men like Danny Faulkner—who aspire to scrub true history from the minds of every believer by openly campaigning on the platform that 19th century atheists invented the Flat Earth domed-cosmology model as a way to make mockery of the Bible. Since when have astronomers usurped theologians, anyways? Naturally, according to Faulkner, we few who stand boldly against the entire weight and scorn of academia are the poor ignoramus souls so easily deceived. It is his only position, if he wishes to impose the illusion of truth on the subservient, to scrub and scrub and scrub the floor until the stain of Godly men and women who’ve come long before him are not even dared to be read or mentioned for fear of ridicule. I can’t help but wonder, is someone like Danny Faulkner merely protecting his own career, having been caught picking and choosing what he will take literally of God’s Testimony concerning His creation, or is he a gatekeeper?

Danny Faulkner, great Christian men and women like Samuel Rowbotham confronts you. William Carpenter confronts you. Alexander Gleason and Thomas Winship confront you. David Wardlaw Scott confronts you, as does Lady Blount, F.E. Pasche, Albert Smith, and Gabrielle Henriet. These Godly men and women pleaded with the church not to give in to the Copernican apostasy. Even Martin Luther and John Calvin, Philipp Melanchthon and A.W. Pink—all of whom boldly stood against the Copernican—confront you. Generations of our spiritual forefathers confront you.

History has been re-written. Much like Stalin and Lenin with Trotsky, the modern day Copernican Creationist has overthrown these men.  In every public square their portraits are erased. And they would have us think the God-fearing Christian paraded the theory of Copernicus—and the so-called Christian astronomers still to come—as something that finally made Biblical sense. Yet in 1856 Dr. Valentine Ernest Loescher wrote: “No sooner was the very uncertain doctrine brought up that the sun is at rest and our globe revolves around him, than the contempt of Holy Writ and infidelity notably increased. On the other hand, vanity was rampant, and the desire to accept and circulate absurd opinions.” (His Life, by Engelhardt, 1856, p. 283.)

Danny Faulkner, real history, church history, confronts you.


Maranatha from Quebec City!




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