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SATAN IS BY NATURE A FLATTERER AND A KNEE-KNOCKER. There are few who can withstand the cajolery of his sparkling eyes and blushing smile. That one cannot object to evolution while holding almost any position of prominence, particularly in the fields of science and academia, is evidence of his totalitarian grip. That we have so many persons, who counsel in whispers from the sidelines and confess secretly that they are in opposition to Darwin’s assertions while loyally keeping to his narrative in the forefront of their career, if even by their well-tempered silence, reveals in the most simplest terms it’s effectual power and what men will do for a paycheck. The Holy Bible is our God-given birthright. And for a few measly dollars, mankind will publicly forsake it.

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The great institution of Darwin demands that we set our gaze well-beyond the cradle of civilization. Any temptation to rightly consider or settle-upon the Ten Old Men promised upon the not-so distant boundary of our birthright must be forsaken for an ongoing horizon never once recorded but in the gluttonous imagination of human perversity. We must set our sights, we are told, upon the ape.

I have held dialogue with enough so-called “Christian” Darwinists to observe some very disconcerted issues with their personal life. Admittedly, they gaze fondly upon the ape. And God, according to the testimony of those whom I’ve conversed with, does not speak to them—as if this is simply a coincidence. It is peculiar to a man of such reason, perplexing even—as strange a spiritual concept as any other—that God would make His Will clearly known to a multitude of “lesser-informed” individuals who rely only on Scripture as their final authority, this author included, rather than he who employs the full muscle of his “better common sense,” believing the Spirit will support his enterprises.

Having once politely listened in to a team of husband and wife “Christian” Darwinist’s as they explained how my infant twin sons were exhibiting “evolutionary ape-like behaviors,” I sat a little longer through their sad-sap story, particularly the man, who had devoted his life to the ministry—only so much as the Bible did not conflict with his devotion to Darwin. He was an ordained pastor, and simply did not know nor understand what it was like to hear the Lord speak and to have His will pronounced upon him. To have such an authoritative church leader smile unopologetically upon my infant sons for exhibiting “evolutionary ape-like behavior” while still holding to the belief that we were made in the image of his god, certainly not mine, and then ask what it was like to hear the Spirit’s voice, is nothing short of tragic. Such men, befuddled in the darkness of their own enlightened mind, are terrible at connecting the dots.

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God has made our common ancestors known. They are the Ten Old Men. And each one of us, stemming from every tribe and nation on this earth, share lineage with the first to the last of them. Let this be an encouragement to us all. We who dine at the table of God’s future kingdom will know nothing of racial bigotry. We shall eat and drink as one completed family. Even Yeshua Hamashiach has eagerly grafted Himself into it.

The Ten Old Men are as follows:













The person who loves the Lord understands his birthright. It is his constitution. He upholds his oath of office in support of it. Contrarily, a man who thinks himself worthy of taking up the pastorate or any position of church leadership while adhering to his own enlightened thinking, believing the Holy Spirit will honor him for it, should think twice of ascribing what Satan has already given allowance for: metaphors. What he and his ambassadors cannot tolerate, why we must indoctrinate every child to set their gaze upon the ape—certainly not as metaphorical—is because of one small but incredible biographical detail regarding everyone’s common ancestor.

Let us consider the last man on that list—particularly, why he was worthy of inheriting the entire world, being the sole survivor (with his wife and children) of the Great Deluge, and therefore grandfathering every person who has since been given the opportunity to live rightly and contribute to it.

Noah, we are told, “walked with God.”


Maranatha from Nova Scotia!



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